The Basics Of The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The Basics Of The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

The phrase “hacking” is often associated with theft or data breach incidents. But this technical term can be further divided into two categories based on its usage: ethical and unethical.

Unethical hacking refers to stealing data for prohibited and unlawful motives. In contrast, ethical hacking involves removing security flaws from one’s system. Most organizations require a certified ethical hacker. And to gain this knowledge, you can enroll in a certified ethical hacker course and learn the techniques and process.

Understanding Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hackers are professionals who evaluate the IT security of a business. And they do this by using penetration testing techniques, also known as pen test. To secure a career in this domain, you need to know the vulnerabilities, which enables the IT security team to solve the issues, increase security, and reduce risk factors.

There are no set educational requirements to enter the ethical hacking sector. However, if you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science/information security or even mathematics, it is convenient for you to understand the technicalities involved in ethical hacking.

Criteria for Certification

There are many IT certifications available for ethical hacking. These certifications help you gain access to a highly advanced technology. And receiving the Certified Ethical Hacking or CEH certification by the EC Council is a great way to start immediately.

The intermediate level of the CEH Certification focuses on –

  • Enumeration
  • SQL injection
  • System hacking
  • Social engineering
  • Viruses 
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What Will You Learn From the CEH Exam?

The CEH course assists you in averting disasters by providing an in-depth understanding of the ethical hacking processes, attack routes, and countermeasures. You’ll also understand how to think like an unethical hacker and search for the problem area accordingly. Additionally, you will learn to create your network with the help of the course and defend it from intruders. In addition, here is a list of advantages of taking the Certified Ethical Hacker certification exam.

  • You get to learn about the advanced information security track, which is necessary to start a career in the ethical hacking domain. The CEH certification clarifies network security principles for you, allowing you to explore more and broaden the job opportunities while updating your portfolio.
  • By taking the CEH certification exam, you can develop the mentality and traits of a hacker. It helps in understanding the mindset of a cyber attacker and becoming well-versed with their methods. Additionally, the course helps you learn abilities and skills crucial to becoming more proactive, dealing with security issues, and being ready for anything unethical hackers may throw at you.
  • You get access to evaluate and determine the risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and remedies, and your skills gain recognition in the organization.
  • Most unethical hackers upskill themselves according to the most recent technological advancements. With the CEH certification, you become equally qualified and equipped to detect attacks and address security gaps.

Domains Included in Certified Ethical Hacker Course

CEH exam includes topics from nine domains. Additionally, each domain consists of nearly 2 to 10 questions. The table below provides information about the topics included in the CEH exam:

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Data security and an overview of hacking           6%
Techniques of reconnaissance          21%
Phases of system hacking and techniques of attack          17%
Hacking network and perimeter                   14%
Techniques for hacking web apps          16%
Wireless network hacking          6%
Hacking techniques for mobile platforms, IoT, and OT          8%
Cloud computing          6%
Cryptography          6%


So, is the CEH certification beneficial? “Yes”! Gaining a CEH certification gives you several advantages, like high pay, employment security, and more. Getting your CEH qualification is the best way to advance your cybersecurity skills and capabilities.

And this is a smart way to get a recruiter’s attention and stand out. Certified ethical hacker course equips you with the skills that the industry currently requires. As the demand for ethical hackers is increasing with time, it is obvious that there will be a shortage of such hackers.

The significant institutional gap presents a great opportunity for ethical hacking success and better career prospects. However, it is vital to prepare efficiently for qualifying for the CEH exam. To do this, you must search for the best training-providing platform and enroll to get expert guidance to understand each topic and the ethical techniques involved in hacking.

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