Creating an e-learning module for children? Pick your voice actor wisely

Children are the most observant of all of us. They learn and repeat from what they see and hear. Like water they get molded into the environment they are brought up in. Therefore, it is always advised to keep a happy and great learning environment around them. With the modernization of education systems and children’s friendliness with technology, there has been a huge upsurge in creating e-learning modules for them. The arrival of the Covid pandemic has also added to this trend as children are staying in their homes.

For creating an engaging e-learning module for the children the most important ingredient is the voice that is used in the module. Voice-overs are very essential as it is the voice that captures their attention and makes them indulge with the module. The light-hearted, empathic and compassionate voice in the module, helps children to feel comfortable while learning new things. On the other hand, a rude or insolent voice can get frightened and disoriented. Therefore, picking up the right voice for the children’s e-learning module is of utmost importance.

Voyzapp has listed out some important points below that you should consider while selecting the voice actors for the job. Voyzapp, a leading voice over marketplace in India offers fast voice over services in India at the most competitive prices. You can find the most suitable voice actor for your children’s e-learning module by looking for the following qualities in a voice actor:-

  • Children find themselves more connected to an educational material if the tone is conversational, light, and caring. A warm and welcoming tone sets the mood and keeps the children engaged with the material. Although, sometimes a bit of authoritative tone is required to check their dilly-dally attitude and keep them on the task. However, continuously hearing that tone can take away a child’s interest from the e-learning material and can make them feel fearful of the particular voice. So, while selecting a voice actor for the job, consider an artist who has a natural soft-spoken and warm tone but can also sound authoritative if needed.
  • The voice actor should be able to directly speak and connect with the children. The artist must know how to sound respectful and not sound like talking down to the kids. Children can detect when an adult is being patronizing even at the slightest hint. Therefore, a perfect child voice over should be capable of communicating with children showing warmth and respect.
  • While hiring voice actors, you should also consider the culture and ethnicity of the target audience, here children. If the children belong to a particular community, you should hire a voice actor from the same community. It makes children easily connect with the voice and pick up particular intonations. In case you have children belonging to diverse cultures, consider hiring voice actors of diverse ethnicity that reflect the target community. The accent of the children and the voice actors should also be the same to make children pick up things quickly.
  • Finding an experienced voice actor is a great plus. Factors such as pitch, pacing, etc. play a significant role in grabbing children’s attention. An experienced voice actor for voice over recording would know how to articulate these things and engage kids with the material. The artist would go through the material and figure out the best possible way to make the e-learning more fun and encourage children to take up new activities or learn new things.
  • Vocal abilities and voice modulations are also important when creating an e-learning module for children. Sometimes an artist might need to sound squeaky, or need to use a very deep base voice, depending on the material an artist should be able to modulate his/her voice. Thus, having a good range can come in handy and make children find the module more intriguing and engaging.
  • If your e-learning module has a song or rhyme in it, you should consider a voice actor who can justify that task also. Different songs might need different types of voices or one song can also require multiple voices denoting different characters. Therefore, either you hire more than one voice actor or pick a voice actor who has a lot of experience and expertise in voicing for children’s e-learning modules and has a significant voice range.
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While creating children’s e-learning modules music and sound effects also play a significant role. These along with a warm and caring voice make children be more attentive to the module and engage them in learning. Children are soft by heart and have the most impressionable and creative minds. They can easily be scared away by a particular voice, therefore, finding a suitable voice that resonates with them, makes them feel comfortable can really be tricky. Voyzapp can help you sift through this tricky situation by offering you the most loving and caring voices for the children’s e-learning modules and informed voices for other e-learning materials.