Don\’t You Dream To Study In Australia? Let\’s Complete It With Student Visa 500

A large number of students aim to enroll in a course at a foreign university to gain the best-quality higher education. Studying in world-class universities indeed makes a significant contribution to career development, which makes the future bright.

Australia has been attracting international students for several decades. Though students face substantial financial costs and several other obstacles, they do not hesitate to overcome those and apply to their favorite universities.

If you want to come to Australia and fulfill your dreams of studying at an Australian institute, this blog is for you. Here we discuss how the Student Visa 500 can make your dream come true.

What are the three general steps to enroll in an Australian institute?

Currently, the Country Down Under is the third most popular destination among international students due to its top-quality academic system, advanced university system, and beautiful campus life. Studying here will open plenty of future opportunities. Like other countries, your education journey in Australia will also contain obstacles and difficulties.

However, a methodical approach can help you achieve your desired results. The three general steps to enroll in your favorite university include the following.

Apply for a course in a top-class university

  • First, based on your career objectives, you have to choose a course that you can find in a top Australian university.
  • Then, you have to search for the universities that provide the course and make a list of them. You have to select the one that will best suit your requirements.
  • Next, you have to apply after meeting the English proficiency skills, academic qualifications, and other requirements. You will receive a CoE (confirmation of enrolment) from the university.
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Get your Australian student visa

Pursuing a full-time course at an Australian institute needs the applicant to have a student visa. By full-time courses, we refer to courses that are more than 3 months long. Usually, international students are granted the Student Visa Subclass 500 to study at an Australian institute. In addition to studying, this visa allows a student to do a lot of things.

  • You can stay for a maximum of 5 years to study a full-time course at an educational institution.
  • You can bring your family with you to Australia. Immediate family members include your partner or spouse and your or your partner\’s dependent or step-child. If you\’re an applicant under 18 years of age, your parents may also come with you to provide financial and mental support.
  • You can work for a maximum of 20 hours every week after the start of your course.

Both onshore and offshore applications for this visa are allowed. Right now, with the introduction of e-application, the procedure has become a lot easier. The detailed application procedure is discussed later.

Submit the English language proof

Based on the course level and the university you are applying to, you must submit an English language skill proof. Generally, you will have to submit the results of an internationally accepted English language test like TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE.

However, this document will not be required if you are a citizen or hold a passport of an English-speaking country like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland.

Follow these step-by-step visa application guidelines to fulfil your dream

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The most vital part of your education journey is the Visa 500 application. So, you should take extra care behind completing all the required steps, which are discussed here.

Step 1: To-do before you apply

Before making the application, you should see whether you meet all the eligibility requirements or not. If there is no problem, you should now start with the procedure. You can undertake the health examinations, if required, and hire a migration agent from Adelaide to help you with a successful application.

Applying to your university should also be included in this step. Once you apply, the university authority will send you an offer letter. After that, you will be required to give a written confirmation statement of accepting their offer and that you will pay the tuition fees. Once the payment is completed, the university will send you the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Step 2: Gather the documents

According to the Student Visa 500 checklist, you have to gather the documents and submit them in proper order. These documents will include:

  • Identity documents, including your valid passport and a national id card
  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant documents
  • Welfare arrangement documents, if the age of the applicant is under 18
  • OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) documents
  • Family members documents (if included)
  • Medical examination reports
  • Police clearance certificates, as character requirements
  • Financial documents showing your capacity to cover all the relevant costs incurred during the stay, including tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs, and return airfare
  • English language test results
  • Proof of payment

Step 3: Complete the application

Once all the documents are uploaded, you can make your application online. However, if you do not want to apply online, you can go for other options, too.

  • You can apply directly through the Australian university\’s website.
  • You can apply through a local university\’s website.
  • You can ask your migration agent to complete the application for you.
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Step 4: After you apply

Once the Department of Home Affairs receives your application, they will inform you about it through email. However, you will not receive any updates about the application procedure. While processing your application, the authorities may ask you for additional documents, which you must immediately submit if you do not want any delay.

Step 5: Visa decision

Irrespective of the outcome, the Department will let you know via email. Depending on the outcome, necessary information like visa grant number, Student Visa Subclass 500 conditions, visa grant date, and reasons behind refusal (if the application is rejected) are included in such an email.

Some points to remember about studying in Australia

Here are some essential points that will help you make a decision.

Cost of studying

Studying will be costly if you choose Science or Engineering. Fees will be cheaper for students enrolling in Arts, Humanities, or Social Science subjects.

Work authorization

With the Visa Subclass 500, a student will have the following working rights.

  • The age of the student should be at least 18 hours.
  • 20 hours of work per week is allowed after the course starts.
  • A student working as an academic assistant can work for unlimited days.
  • No student is allowed to work as a freelancer.

Future opportunities in Australia

Usually, students have to return to their home countries once their course ends and their visa expires. However, if you want to stay back in Australia and gain work experience, you can apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485, based on your qualification.


The Australian immigration process is pretty complicated to understand, and that is why the demand for registered migration agent Adelaide is high. Having an Australian degree will come in handy in any country you visit. Therefore, we always recommend hiring a top-rated immigration agent Adelaide.