Top 5 Best Practical Tips To Crack NEET 2022 In First Attempt!

Are you aspiring to become a doctor? Then surely the NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) exam is the thing on your mind. NEET is supposed and considered to be one of the toughest entrance exams. So surely, cracking the NEET exam on the first attempt is something every aspirant is worried about. NEET is the gateway to get into the best medical colleges in the country.

Several students give numerous attempts to clear the exam. But some students have cleared in the very first attempt.

Do you think it\’s impossible to crack the NEET exam in the first go? Well, it\’s difficult but surely not impossible. And yes believe it or not but it is possible to crack NEET in the first attempt. If we look at the trend every year, nearly 70% of students clear the exam on the first attempt with a 600+ score.

The right NEET coaching can help you achieve this. NEET covers the syllabus from 11th and 12th physics and chemistry. So students who have a very strong base of PCM in 11th and 12th have better chances to clear in the first attempt. Exceptional students, who are toppers believe in cracking the exam at first go rather than believing to get a second chance.

If you are also one of them who doesn\’t believe in second chances, this article is a must-read for you.

According to the Best NEET coaching in Bangalore, some proven tips are practically possible to follow and will help you get through the NEET exam on the first attempt only the fact that you need to follow these very religiously.


So here are the top 5 best practical tips to crack NEET 2022 in the first attempt!

If you are a NEET aspirant and you aspire to crack the exam on the first attempt, apart from getting the best NEET coaching what is important is proper strategic planning to help you achieve your goal.

So here go the tips:


Whenever you start a journey to reach any destination or any goal you want to achieve, the foremost important thing is to know your route or the things you need to go through. Similarly when you plan to crack an exam the most essential thing is knowing your syllabus right. For this, you can visit the official website for NEET 2022. Take a proper note of everything you need to cover or a proper print out whichever is convenient for you.

So this is your very first step. Now you are good to go on the second step. So let\’s have a look what is the next important thing you need to do.


Time table is very crucial. It is not supposed to be a table that is just on the table and not implemented. It is your chart, your plan, to achieve your goal. Everything in life needs planning and implementing it step-wise is the next clever step. So keep in mind to make the table realistically and not in the air.

The best NEET coaching in Bangalore says you need to be more realistic when preparing your timetable. So the following two points are necessary:

  • Be Realistic:- You know yourself better than anybody else in the world. So be realistic while making a timetable. Keep in mind your syllabus and the three subjects you need to cover. Dedicate time almost equally for all the three subjects every day and some extra for the ones who you know you are a little weak at.
  • Proper Distribution of Time: In other words, block proper timelines. Since you have to prepare for both boards and NEET simultaneously, make it a point to dedicate 3-4 hours each day apart from your board\’s preparation and give extra time nearly 8 hours on weekends.
  • Setting Deadlines: Setting a goal for yourself is necessary. If you don\’t set deadlines, you won\’t be focused enough to complete your tasks on time. So set short and long-term goals for short as well as long topics respectively.
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Keep these points in mind for achieving results.


Making notes properly is an art. If you are an artist trust me, these notes are last-minute lifesavers. So make it a habit of making notes while studying every day. Make proper points for the most important topics so that you can quickly scan them last-minute. You can also keep stick notes writing the name of the topic on the notes page to save time while scanning through your notes.

Apart from visiting the best NEET coaching centers, study NCERT as it covers the major syllabus of NEET. It is a must if you want to crack NEET on the first attempt.


It is impossible to know whether your preparation is on point or not if you don\’t solve previous year\’s question papers. Solving previous year\’s question papers helps you understand the pattern of questions and the difficulty level of the exam. It gives you a fair idea of the topics you are strong and weak in so that you know which topics you need to put more emphasis on.

Not just solving the papers, but analyzing the answers whether right or wrong is more important. If you get to know the reasons behind the right and wrong answers, it will be more beneficial because you will know your strong and weak points. This will take more time than solving a paper but trust me this will be worth it.

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No wonder speed is important since NEET is a 3-hour long exam. So you need to gear up. But remember accuracy is more important than speed. If you start with your preparation a year before then you have ample time to clear your concepts and get your basics right. Once you start getting your answers correctly automatic your speed improves.

NEET coaching in Bangalore focuses on concept building, with their expertise and guiding you well through all the above-mentioned points. These are the proven practical tips that you must follow if you aspire to crack NEET 2022 on the first attempt.