Step by step Instructions on How to Draw Fingers Drawing Easily

Step by step Instructions on How to Draw Fingers Drawing Easily

How to Draw Fingers. When people are presented with a drawing challenge, one thing that can be even more surprising is that the things we are most familiar with can present the greatest challenges.

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If you ask any artist who has drawn human subjects, they will probably tell you horror stories about drawing hands and fingers, as it can be very difficult to get it looking right.

When trying to learn how to draw fingers, having a guide to help you can be very helpful. Lucky for you, that guide is right in front of you!

How to Draw Fingers

Step 1

In this finger drawing guide, we will draw a right hand with the palm facing us. To begin this process, we’ll start with the thumb on the right and the pinky on the left.

First, you can start with a curved line for the left side of the little finger.

Then another curved line for the palm will go underneath, with a slightly straighter line for the wrist underneath. Finally, use some curved lines to draw the thumb.

As you can see in the reference image, the thumb is divided into several segments. It also attaches to the wrist on the right side.

Be bold and follow the reference image very closely as you draw! Once you’ve drawn those sides of the hands, you’re ready for Step 2!

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Step 2

As a continuation of the previous step, you can finish the first two fingers in this part. First, you can use some more curved lines to create the pinky segments.

There will then be a small curved gap before drawing the curved outline of the second toe. Then you can draw a horizontal line underneath where the second toe will connect to the third in the next step.

Step 3

We’ve already mentioned that each finger will be divided into segments, which we’ll draw in this step of our finger drawing guide.

To do this, add a couple of horizontal lines near the top of your ring finger and one more further down. These should start on the right side and not completely touch the left side. It’s all in this simple step, so let’s get started!

Step 4

You’re getting along with this drawing now! Now that you’re good at drawing those toes let’s add the remaining two.

The middle finger will be the longest of all fingers, while the index finger will be similar in length to the ring finger.

Each of these fingers has two lines drawn inside for the different segments. Then there are two slightly wavy lines near the top of the palm for some line detail in that area.

Once you’ve drawn these palm details, you’re ready for some final details and elements in drawing the fingers.

Step 5

It’s almost time to add some color to your drawing in the last step of our finger drawing guide. But before that, we need to add a few final details.

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Draw Fingers

You can even add some fun details in this step! First, draw two lines forming a kind of Y near the center of the palm.

Then you can refine the details by adding a few horizontal curved lines near the top of the wrist.

This completes all the details in this guide, but as said, feel free to add some details before proceeding!

These details may include changing your finger position for a more personalized image.

Now that you know what the finger structure looks like, you can use your hand to reference if you want to change the placement.

You can also put some rings on your fingers or even add a tattoo design on your hand!

Step 6

This final step of finger drawing is all about bringing it to life with some amazing colors!

Fingers Drawing

We only showed you one way to color it, but this is just a suggestion, and you should feel free to use your own color choices.

A fun idea would be to use your artistic tools and mediums to replicate your hand! This can be a great way to add a personal touch to this design.

If you’ve drawn additional elements like tattoos, a ring, or some background elements, this is a great way to incorporate some amazing colors too!

Get creative with your favorite colors and art mediums, and see what happens!

Your Fingers Drawing is Finished!

Derrick Jones