4 Things You Should Know About Work Boots

4 Things You Should Know About Work Boots

What is the job that you do? Depending on your job, your work boots keep the potential of either breaking you or making you. Oliver work boots are an excellent example of a retailer that makes efficient work boots for almost every job.

But choosing your work boots go a long way. And getting the perfect pair can bring you many benefits. This blog acquaints you with a few things you need to know before getting a pair. 

The Benefits of Choosing the Best Work Boots


Are you aware that 25% of disabling workplace injuries are caused by accidents involving the feet? It can be punctures, crushed toes, sprains, lacerations, etc. If you want to avoid these injuries, you should take good care of your feet. And work boots are the medium to that. 


Comfort is key. When you have a great pair of boots, your body feels incredible, and your mind is at peace without any discomfort. With great boots, you can avoid fatigue and body stress. Your body can save energy and stay motivated for a productive day at work. 


At work, performance is key. Comfortable boots allow your brain to remain free of preoccupations. This is because you need not worry about discomfort or risks associated with your feet. Your body can relax, and your mind can focus on the work assigned. 

Long-Lasting Work Boots

You go to work to earn money. And that is hard-earned money. So, why not spend it on a pair of beneficial work boots? A good pair of work boots can protect your feet from accidents and discomfort while keeping you focused on your tasks. The ergonomic features of these work boots can allow you to have a productive day at work. 

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What Makes a Good Work Boot?

The answer to this question depends on certain factors. Work boots are meant to serve different needs and jobs. But every pair has to fulfil a few key features to account for a great pair. Here are the factors. 

  • Boot Height: Taller boots can be difficult to wear and also heavier. On the contrary, shorter boots are lighter, cooler, and can be worn for everyday use besides at work. 
  • Weight: The excellent quality boots are solid but heavy. A pound on your feet is like 5 pounds in your backpack. Heavier boots provide better support. However, the improved materials today make lighter, high-quality boots. 
  • Water-resistance: Some boots are made of waterproof leather and breathable materials. Others may be made of waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex. Waterproof boots are great for a day in water all day. But they take more time to dry. So, if you are looking for water resistance, these aren’t an option.
  • Safety Toes: Some steel-toed boots add weight and can make you feel cold in your feet area. Look for alternatives with composite protective toes instead of steel.
  • Insulation: Insulated boots are essential during winter. But during the summer, insulated boots will be hot. Consider boots with fabric or mesh uppers. 

Choosing the proper work boots are very important for a productive and comfortable day at work. Oliver work boots are an example of a collection of work boots that you should consider buying. However, ensure to consider the requirements and demands of your job before buying a pair.