Lesser Known Treks In North India

Miyar Valley Trek

The Miyar Valley Trek is a taste test for beginners or first-timers who do not want to exert excessive physical effort but still want to see the wonders. This valley, located in the isolated Lahaul region, hangs silently, eluding the attention of trekkers. Trekking along the pristine trail of Miyar Valley is an excellent way to see Himachal and Ladakh in all their glory. The journey is primarily on an easy flat track through some of the most stunning scenery, with a maximum altitude of 13100 feet. Because of its breathtaking vistas and experience, the Miyar Valley walk is an excellent alternative to the Roopkund trip.

Nag Tibba Trek

Serpent\’s Peak, often known as Serpent\’s Peak, is a renowned tourist and adventure attraction. This is one of the most well-known Himalayan treks, located in the Garhwal foothills. A fantastic holiday place for hikers, the natural haven. The vegetation and animals of the Nag Tibba hike are diverse and abundant. It is thought to be the home of Snake God. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Bandarpoonch mountain, the Gangotri peaks, Srikanth peak, Kedarnath peak in the north, Doon valley, and Changabang\’s snow-capped peaks. Explore the appealing Oak, Rhododendron, Cider, and Alpine mixed forests.

Digar La Trek

Ladakh, the country of numerous passes and jaw-dropping scenery, is a dream destination for every adventurer on earth. I\’ll explain why the Digar La trip is the greatest way to see Ladakh today. If you wish to explore Ladakh, do not hesitate to embark on the Digar La trek, which is a veritable gold mine of Ladakh viewing. The Leh-Nubra-Pangong Tso Circuit is an 18,000-foot pass that connects the Indus Valley and Leh with Nubra Valley. The hypnotic timeless beauty of Pangong Tso, which marks the finish of the circuit, is the icing on the cake. This hike will reward you with breathtaking vistas. The views behind you get more magnificent as you climb higher.

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Baraadsar Lake Trek

Some journeys have managed to remain undiscovered by the rest of the globe. Such is the case with the magnificent Baraadsar Lake Trek, which includes an adventurous ridge trek to the mystical Baraadsar Lake on the Uttarakhand-Himachal Pradesh border. This is one of the most pristine and undeveloped trails in Uttarakhand\’s legendary Sankri region. The Baraadsar Lake journey is picture-perfect in every respect, providing to your trekking wishes, with cascades of magnificent meadows, spectacular campsites, a demanding summit, and one of the most distinctive pathways in the Himalayas. The Baraadsar Lake Trek is a new option to the Roopkund Trek, which is a popular choice among hikers.

Borasu Pass Trek

If you really want to satisfy your adventure cravings, the Borasu Pass Trek might be just what you need! This journey is long and demanding, with a variety of breathtaking vistas that may necessitate the usage of varied hiking equipment. Borasu Pass, located on the boundary of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most difficult climbs with breathtaking views of diverse landscapes. This track, which connects the ancient trade route between Har ki Dun Valley and Kinnaur Valley, is as unusual as it is thrilling.

Ghepan Ghat Trek

The Stunning Neon-Blue Glacial Lake in a Hidden Location. If you\’re looking for an adventure and want to see some quirky spots in India, go to Ghepan Ghat and lose yourself in the panoramic vistas this walk has to offer. This stunning neon-blue glacier lake, which originates from the secluded village of Sissu on the Manali-Leh Highway, is unknown even to local guides. The magnificent views of towering snow-capped peaks that surround the lake are worth seeing. Seeing the massive neon turquoise Ghepan Ghat with pearl-white ice chunks floating in the lake is an unforgettable sight.

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Parang La Trek

Trekking at high altitudes is one of the most fascinating and rewarding experiences a trekker can have. If you\’re looking for a high-altitude pass in the Himalayas, the Parang La Trek is unquestionably the best choice. This journey connects the dry and unparalleled landscapes of Spiti and Ladakh at an elevation of around 5540 meters. It was once a traditional path between Spiti and Ladakh, but it is today a popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers. This hike can begin in either Leh\’s Karzok hamlet or Spiti\’s Kibber village. This off-the-beaten-path excursion provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover Tso Moriri Lake\’s breathtaking grandeur. With multiple unclimbed peaks in the background, this lake offers various shades of blue.