Employee Assistance Programs and Treatment for Drug Addiction

Employee Assistance Programs and Treatment for Drug Addiction

Employee assistance programmes give those who are battling drug or alcohol addiction the chance to get the support they require when they need it. Many US firms provide these programmes, which among other things can include benefits and services connected to drug treatment. These programmes, which are also known as member assistance programmes when provided by a union, include tools and resources that are especially created to assist staff members and members in taking care of a problem like drug addiction or alcoholism on their own. Many employees, however, are either unaware of the existence of these programmes or, even if they were, wouldn’t dare to utilise them. This is due to the widespread notion that if you admit to using drugs, you may lose your job. However, that is precisely what employee assistance programmes aim to avoid.

If employees seek appropriate addiction treatment, they are not penalised by employee assistance programmes or member assistance programmes. In fact, many of these organisations have policies in place that expressly forbid taking any action against an employee or member who wants assistance. These kinds of initiatives were established to provide people with the support they require in a setting devoid of the threat of retaliation or punishment.

Because each employee assistance program is different, There are usually several different ways to ask for assistance. Sometimes there is a specific confidential hotline number to call, and other times the only person to ask for assistance is a specific, qualified employee of the organisation (such as a human resources official). Other businesses have private online forms that employees must complete, and some engage outside businesses to support their staff members when they need it. To determine where to begin, it is a good idea to review the employer’s benefits terms and conditions.

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The employee assistance programme will assist you in making all required preparations if an employee or member requests assistance for a drug addiction or alcoholism problem. This can involve providing guidance, resources, and transportation to detox facilities, residential inpatient programmes, partial hospitalisation programmes, and intense outpatient programmes, among other things. The majority of employee assistance programmes or member aid programmes also assist you with all insurance-related matters, and in some circumstances, they provide funds for any potential employee-required drug addiction treatment.

These kinds of initiatives are provided by employers in an effort to keep their staff members healthy and content. Because modern management philosophies teach us that employees are not a commodity but rather an investment that must be protected, employers or unions that offer such programmes are typically genuinely interested in assisting their own people. Furthermore, if your goal is to create an environment where employees dedicate themselves to their work for decades, it makes commercial sense to provide this service because inpatient programmes and drug and alcohol treatment facilities can be finished in 30 days.

If you or someone you know needs help for addiction and they have an employee assistance program available, help them by making them aware of what these programs can offer. It could mean the difference between a salvaged career and disaster.

Derrick Jones