Wedding Music – Finding The Right Type Of Music

Even the most well planned best-organized wedding can fizzle out if the wedding music and the DJ are not good. There are thousands of good DJ’s and DJ wannabes out there. The solution is finding the right one. Choosing from among them will not guarantee you the wedding music that would add to the fun of the party.

Pick a DJ that you have already heard perform. You might have heard a great DJ in a club, a restaurant, and a hotel, at other wedding parties and celebrations. Your friends are also good sources of DJ’s because chances are you have the same taste in music as they have. When choosing DJ’s, do not shop around anymore because the best DJ’s are the ones you already have heard and liked.

If you haven’t heard a good one lately, your job becomes harder.

Then you can start looking in the yellow pages under disc Jockeys, Music and Entertainment. It will not be wise to bank on a DJ for price consideration alone. Starting DJ’s normally charge smaller than the more experienced one.

Get a short list of the DJ’s that have a good and tastefully done ad. If you can find DJ’s that have conducted in several wedding events. When talking to them, try listening to the manner of their speech, the words they use and how they phrase them. The manner in which DJ’s talk tends to spill into their performance.

If the budget however is limited and you have to pick a DJ that is not as expensive, (DJ’s Services usually ranges from $100 to $2000 for a four hours work) make a shortlist of those who sound interesting. You can ask them for references and inquire about them. The more the reference the better.

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It would also be better if the DJ has a regular venue where they perform so you can visit unannounced. From there you can observe how the people reacts to the DJ. If you like how the DJ carries himself, how he ensures that even requests are handled well that it blends with music continuity and motivates the crowd, you could have found the right one for the occasion.

Do not be impressed by the number of music, gears and equipment that many DJ’s boast. For a four-hour performance, chances are he can only play 60 cuts. If you are not very good at music equipment, you also will not know the difference.

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