What is the legal distinction between a company and a brand?

To create a perennial brand and company, you should be conscious of the legal distinction betwixt the two. Here, in this blog, we would help you comprehend all the legal distinctions betwixt a company and a brand, as well as the essentials of naming a company and a brand.

Both of them are distinct entities that are generally encountered in marketing. The primary legal distinction between a brand and a company is that latter will require online company registration while branding comes with trademark. Remember, a company is an artificial person in the domain of the law.

It can act as an individual and submit a case, appear in front of statutory authorities, and make an income; on the other hand, a brand is an intangible asset created by the performance of the company and values. To put it in other words, the company is an entity that conducts some business, while on the other hand, a brand is built by the successful running of the business and works as a by-product of it.

Legal distinction betwixt a company and a brand.

People frequently get perplexed betwixt a company and a brand name. They think that the brand and company name is all and the same. But that is not true; the brand is something that offers customers an idea or image of the company via its specific service or product. It is taken as one of the most invaluable assets of the company.

Nonetheless, the company name is a name linked with the organization whose fundamental focus is to attain profits in the field of business. It is the registered name of the organization. Likewise, the company name is an official name under which the sole proprietor or the partners determine to conduct business activity. A suffix has to be at the end the name of the company. One should keep this in mind that several brands can also belong to a single company.

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Distinction betwixt a company and a brand.

Company Brand
It is known as legal or organizational entity which conducts business such as producing and selling products or services. A brand is an recognizing symbol, log, mark, word, or name that people use to distinguish one product from another.
It is organization that markets or produces services and products. Likewise, it is something that is built via customer perceptions and expectations.
Single company can have many brands. Single brand cannot be held by more than one company.
A company name distinguishes one company from another. A brand name is used to differentiate the products of one the company from the other company’s products.

Essentials of naming the brand.

The brand name is something that assists customers to recognize and distinguish betwixt the products of parent companies from others. Brand names are protected when you register a trademark in India as a service mark from an authorised agency or the government agency. Also, brand names should be attractive and noticeable in nature. The brand name should be opted for, keeping a note of the following points;

–      The brand name should be distinct and stand out from the competition.

–      It should be easy to remember, pronounce, and recognize.

Essentials of naming the company.

All of us have our own names, it is part of our identity, and everybody recognizes us with that only. Likewise, when the company is being set up, the name is associated with it for its identification in the market by the customers. This name is commonly known as the company name. It contributes to the marketing of the products of the company. While naming the company, one should keep some crucial points in mind as given below;

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–      The name of the company should be sui generis, and it should depict the mirror image of the quality of the products that the company is offering to its customers.

–      Further, the company name should have a unique and creative aspect to catch the attention of the consumers.

–      The company name should be legally available.

In conclusion.

All the above-mentioned legal distinctions between a brand and a company has been clear to you. Many times, the brand name is the same as the company name, and at times brand name associated with the company tends to get more popular among the customers than the name of the company itself.

For example, Xerox. We all are aware of it that xerox is the name of the photocopying company. But they have become successful in making the name to the extent that instead of saying photocopy, we know every photocopied document as the xerox. When we think of photocopies, the only company that comes into our consciousness is xerox.