10 Brilliant Ideas to Make Amazon Product Photos Like a Pro

Amazon product photos should be displayed in such an expert manner. Your advertisement policy can increase or decrease your sales rate. Your pictures need to be sharp, simple and flawless. In this way, you can be the top seller on Amazon.

Basically, you need to be a little bit careful about the requirements of Amazon. Besides this, you have to keep in mind your customers\’ age, fashion sense. Also, try to follow the tradition as well. Be careful of these issues and make your Amazon product photos amazing.

We have shared some tips and tricks to make your images more advanced. I believe you will definitely like this article and also find it helpful.

10 outstanding  tips and tricks to make amazon product photos like a pro!

1.     Read the requirements of Amazon carefully and shoot accordingly

Try to maintain all those things which are mentioned in the guideline of Amazon. Avoid the blurriness, keep the color mode in a correct position.

Also, set your camera in a standard distance. Actually, read the instructions first. Then follow all of those.

Most important thing is, if you feel confused about anything on these issues, you can contact clipping path service provider. They will make such flawless amazon product photo for you. They have upper hand on this.

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2.     Use maximum photos

Try to provide photos as much as you can . Actually, you should take photos from different angles. Your customer will be able to look at the product from different angles. For this, they can be sure and can order.

When your customer is satisfied after seeing the pictures, they will be confident in purchasing the products. Also, they can be attracted to see more. Seeing more can lead to purchasing more.

3.     Try to show all the features through different images

Remember one thing, you should show all the features which you are mentioning in the product details. Focusing each and every detail will bring you one step forward.

Try to show all the specifications with different pictures. You can crop the part from the actual image as well.

Showing the pros and cons of the products can be easier to win your customer\’s trust.

4.     Mention the size and shape properly

The most important thing is to let the audience know about the exact size. You should label the size in the picture.

Show the length , breadth and height in such a proper manner. Your customers will be glad to see that. It will be easier for them to choose the product properly.

5.     Add video of the product if possible

Uploading the video of the product will make a smart presenter in front of your customer. The product video will seem to the customers, as they are seeing the product in reality.

This one is really unique, because not everyone does this. You will be considered as a sensible business person. You are concerned about your customer’s comfortness.

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In other words, it is a hassle free task for the audience and you as well. There will be no confusion in ordering the product.

6.     Keep the background white

Keeping background is a blessing. In white background, your product will look amazing. The shape and size can be illustrated in such an impressive manner. Also, it will give a professional look in your amazon product photo.

White background will not only increase your sales but also increase your standard to the customer. Moreover, this background will grow your business more quickly.

It is not a story. If you have doubts then, try it. See the result on your own!

7.     Use enough light

Make sure that you have used enough light during photography. When you do the photoshoot of the products , you must use sufficient light.

Brightness has the power to grow. Brightness brings the attraction in the image. These attract the customers. The more they scroll, the more your sales increase.

Additionally, Clipping Path CA can help in balancing enough light. They provide outstanding photo retouching service.

8.     Use tripod

If you are thinking that investing in a tripod would be a kind of waste of  money,  then you are totally wrong. You cannot even imagine that this tripod will be your lifeline.

Why? Actually, your efforts can go in vain if the images become blurry or not flawless. Tripod will actually help you to take such flawless pictures. It will save your picture from becoming blurry. Things will be sharp and excellent in the image.

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You should not skip the tripod. Your tripod required a good amount of investment. Also, this one is going to reduce your pressure.

9.     Add at least one lifestyle image


One lifestyle image can be added to explain the entire setting of the product. It will help your audience to understand the actual use and setting of the product.

Suppose,  you are displaying an image of a bridal outfit. You can easily upload a bridal photo with that gown. In this case, you can take help from Clipping Path CA.  They actually provide excellent wedding photos retouching service. They can help you.

10. Ghost mannequin


You should use a ghost mannequin to display dresses. It is one of the traditional and fashionable ways to display dresses.

Customers really like this approach of presenting.  If you face any difficulty in editing pictures of this category, you can take help from Clipping Path CA.  They will solve this problem.

Actually they have experts on ghost mannequin services.

Final thought

Amazon product photos require a sincere presentation. In that case,  you try to remember these issues. If you upload the images as per the instruction and follow the other issues which have been discussed, you will benefitted. That is for sure.

Our wish is to help you with productive information. Your success and achievement is our happiness.

Go through this write up. This is for your betterment. Hope you will like it. Also, we hope that it will bring success and happiness toward your door.