Life hacks on how to book cheap air tickets

Getting cheap air tickets is an all-time question in the travel industry and over the year travelers have found many hacks for it? For knowing the popular hacks, read the life hacks on how to book cheap air tickets.

While searching for cheap tickets online, you need to spend time on the internet. Because checking the first ticket booking platform and taking the best deal from there isn’t enough for cheap tickets. Especially when you can do much more and get flight tickets cheaper than that. Cheap airlines tickets are all about finding the cheapest deal, identifying it, and grabbing it before others. Because cheap air tickets sales or offers don’t last for longer durations. And thus, it is important to be at the right place at the right time to get the cheapest air tickets. And the life hacks on how to book cheap air tickets mentioned here will help you get there. 

However, it is important to go through our how to get cheap air tickets guidebook through the end. Grasping each step and spend time on the internet and making them work. And as it requires you a good chunk of time, it is advisable to look early. Because if you are an end-minute traveler, it will be hard for you to apply all the hacks mentioned here. However, you can still try some to get tickets at affordable prices for end-minute travels. 

Let’s know the life hacks on how to book cheap air tickets

Have flexibility with traveling locations

Everybody has a list of travel destinations they want to travel to during their lifetime. And thus, instead of choosing a destination, pick up a few of them. Thus, you will have 4 to 5 travel destinations you would be flexible to travel to. 

Like, you choose Italy and London, then check for the prices of Direct flights to Italy from US and repeat the same with London. Now, compare the prices and you will find a location that is cheaper to travel to. You can repeat the same process with your options and find out the cheapest one. 

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Further, after finding the cheapest location, use the below hacks to book cheap air tickets. Thus, you won’t have to postpone or cancel your travel plans because of overpriced air tickets.

Check all the options

As we stated earlier, going to one booking platform and book the ticket that they claim is the cheapest isn’t how you book cheap air tickets. Because with a little research over the internet you will find that you paid extra for it. Thus, it is important to look for cheap air tickets at multiple places. 

First, start looking for tickets with airlines websites and check the charges. After this, go to 3rd part air ticket booking platforms like Google and check for the ticket prices. After this, check prices with other ticket booking platforms as well like SkyScrapper, Flyustravels, and many others. 

Use the price comparison software

Ticket booking platforms provide a price comparison feature that is free to use for any user. This feature allows users to sort airlines based on prices charged and thus, you can land on cheap flights. Further, all you have to do is visit a 3rd party ticket booking website like Google and use the price comparison feature. 

For this, you have to fill in your flying and landing destination along with the flying schedule. And all the necessary information asked in the dialog boxes appearing on the screen. Instantly you will land on a list of flights flying on your route along with the prices charged. 

Now, visit another ticket booking platform like SkyScrapper, Flyustravels, Kayak, and many more and check the same. This is because not every ticket booking website has every airline listed with it. As some airlines try to create a brand image by being available on a few platforms only. While some traveling booking websites are in contract with certain airlines. Thus, it is important to at least triple-check the cheapest flights with different providers. 

Try not to be opposed to layovers

Well, everyone loves comfort, and thus most often while booking a flight from USA to London travelers perfect nonstop flight options. However, nonstop flights cost the highest to take one from one traveling location to another. And thus, aren’t a friendly measure for getting cheap air tickets. 

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For travelers looking for cheap airlines the best mode to fly is through connecting flights. For this, all you have to do is divide your trip into 2-3 layovers. And then book flight tickets for each layover separately and enjoy cheap flights.

Book each ticket separately

Well, there are various reasons to book each air ticket separately. However, all of them guarantee only one thing and that is cheap flight tickets. First, booking each ticket separately while booking connecting flights helps you have more on the air tickets. And all you have to do is look for each ticket separately on a minimum of 3 different platforms. Then compare the lowest prices and best deals available on them and book a ticket. And then repeat the same process to book further 1 or 2 tickets as well.

Also, if you are booking more than one ticket then you should book them one at a time. Thus, you will be able to avail the best on-the-ticket deals and save more in the end. Like the most common offers introduced by airlines have an up to limit. 

Suppose you want to book two tickets to London and a deal says up to 5% on ticket bookings up to $7. And one ticket to London is costing you around 100$ and thus you will save $ 7 on two tickets. However, if you will two tickets separately you will save $5 on each ticket booking. Thus, $5+$5= $10 and you will be saving $3 more than earlier. 

Try flying with budgeted airlines

If you have decided to go with connecting flights then you must book tickets with budgeted airlines. These airlines have gained huge popularity for providing flights at cheaper prices. However, their unavailability on longer routes makes it impossible to book direct international flights with them. 

Although, for passengers ready to take connecting flights, budgeted airlines stands as an option. Thus, it is always beneficial to compare the lowest prices you are paying with their charges. And most probably you will find their charges lower than what you are paying for air tickets. 

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Further, it is hard to find budgeted airlines on 3rd party ticket booking platforms. Thus, it is important to look for them separately and find the cheapest air tickets.

Use the existing rewards

If you are a frequent traveler with an airline then you must have earned a few rewards in the past. And there is no better time to use these rewards than on a budget-friendly trip. Further, most airlines award different benefits to their frequent fliers including free miles. Moreover, these miles are calculated based on the cost paid and kilometers traveled. 

Check with your airlines that if you any of such rewards awaiting use. And if the answer is yes, then make sure to book a direct or connecting flight with that airline. Thus, you can use these extra miles or other benefits to fly at cheaper rates. 

Also, if you are a credit card holder then check if you have got any travel rewards. Because many credit card companies especially offer travel deals to travel credit cardholders. Further, these deals include deals and discounts on booking flights and hotels with specific platforms. Instead of keeping these rewards unused and paying extra for these services consider using them. 

Don’t go with the big names always

While flying from one place to another focus on prices charged instead of the brand image of an airline. Compare the prices charged by big international airlines then the less famous ones. And you will find a big price gap in-between that can help you with cheap flight tickets. Thus, it is always beneficial to decide the airlines based on prices instead of names and popularity.

Try flying with local airlines while traveling inside the country

Flying with international airlines is the biggest mistake while flying inside the country. These airlines charge much more than the local airlines while providing the same in-flight services. This happens because local airlines provide cheap deals to stay in competition with big international airline names. 

Use incognito or private mode while searching for flights

One of the most important suggestions while booking tickets online is to use the incognito mode. All you have to do is clear the cookies of your device and then turn on its incognito or the private mode. 

As travel companies use these cookies to identify which flights you are searching for. And thus, there are high chances for sudden price surges in flight tickets because of frequent searches. Further, using the incognito mode will help you prevent sudden price surges on flight tickets. And thus, you will be able to land at the best deals on flight tickets.