Step By Step TweetyBird Drawing With Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Step By Step TweetyBird Drawing With Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Drawing With Kids Tweety Bird made his film debut. Tweety’s backstory was finished by 1949. He and a bulldog named Hector or Spike belonged to the watchful Granny. Tweety was no longer a solitary, tree-dwelling bird. Tweety frequently battles Sylvester the cat, who wants to devour the little bird.

Did you realize it? Orson was Tweety Bird’s first name. However, this only lasted for one animation; by the third, Tweety had already acquired his well-known name.

Easy, step-by-step drawing instructions and a video tutorial will help you learn how to create a fantastic-looking Tweety Bird.

You may easily create a lovely Tweety Bird by according to the straightforward guidelines.

Best TweeyBird Drawing With Kids

One of the most recognizable Looney Tunes characters is Tweety. Drawing With Kids Academy Award was given to a Tweety cartoon in 1947, among other prestigious honors. Today, Tweety Bird may be seen on a wide range of products, including watches, jewelry, home decor, and clothing such as t-shirts and school supplies.

Do you want to doodle Tweety Bird? Following this simple, step-by-step tutorial, you may learn how to draw Looney Tunes characters. A piece of paper, an eraser, and a pencil are all you need. To tone your finished picture, you’ll also need a yellow crayon, marker, or colored pencil.

Step By Step Drawing


  • Start by drawing the head of Tweety Bird. Draw the top of the head with a large curved line, then the cheeks and neck with lesser curved lines.
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  • Tweety’s teardrop-shaped body should be sketched using curved lines, leaving a space open at the bottom. Draw the rounded tips of the legs using curved lines to enclose the figure.


  • Create an arm or wing for Tweety, deleting as necessary. For the arm’s outline, draw two parallel lines. Little “U” shapes should then enclose the fingers and thumb. On the breast, draw an inverted “V” shape representing a tuft of feathers.


  • Draw the final wing or arm of Tweety. Draw the arm’s contour using two curving lines. After that, draw a thin “U” shape around each finger.


  • ¬†Enclose Tweety’s tail with two curving lines. It has a pointy end and a teardrop form.


  • Sketch Tweety’s big foot. Create a long, curved line that leaves the body, curves upward, and then doubles back on itself. Then extend a second line, overlapping the first, to meet it. This overlap can identify the toes.


  • Draw the last foot of Tweety Bird in step seven of the drawing tutorial. Double back on a long, curving line extended from the body. Letting the two lines overlap extends a second line to meet it.


  • Start defining Tweety’s face. In the center of the face, draw two brief, horizontal, straight lines. These make up the eyes’ bases. Each eye’s spherical shape should be enclosed by a broad, inverted “U” shape line. To represent eyelashes, draw a few small, curled lines from the top of the eyes.
  • Finally, create a tuft of feathers by drawing curving lines from the top of the head.
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  • Complete the face of Tweety Bird. It shapes the pupil. Draw a line through the center and curved lines to create the beak’s double-pointed shape.

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