Why do people go for spas treatments?

Why do people go for spas treatments?

There are over 554 Health and Wellness Spas businesses in Australia as of 2022, and this number has increased 152% over the last five years. Reason- the immense popularity of spa treatments among Australians; of the full spas, 69% were day spas, and 31% were destination spas that provide accommodation. The survey conducted in Australia by Intelligent Spas identified that one out of 10 Australians regularly visits a spa. 30% of Australian women participate in some fitness activity and a spa weekend in Sydney is no doubt their favourite to keep their health in check.

On the weekend, the only thing everybody needs to do is please and pamper themselves in every possible way. Undoubtedly, having the time to relax and improve the quality of life is necessary to obtain better health physically, spiritually and mentally. There are, of course, several ways to get this- walking, exercising, doing yoga, swimming, but there’s nothing better than having a spa weekend.

Spas are facilities that have been known for healing and rejuvenation for thousands of years. They provide you with relaxing treatments that not just make you feel relaxed but soothe your mind, body and soul. Today’s spas promise relaxation, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of purpose by providing you with various treatments that include massage, body treatments, facials, and more. If you are looking for a reason to go to a spa this weekend, you are at the right place! This article talks about various benefits of spas which might entice you to make your bookings for the spa weekend. Continue reading!

Top 6 incredible benefits of spas

Helps you de-stress

The most common reason people go for a spa getaway is to escape and de-stress from the hustle of everyday life. Relaxing treatment and activities are an essential part of a spa weekend. However, putting you in a relaxed state of mind is not the only benefit of the spa; it helps with your flexibility, improves your muscle strength and also helps you combat various health problems.

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Promotes well being

There’s no denying that stress affects your body and mind, leading to feeling exhausted. So if you feel like you have been slacking off in your daily routine, a spa treatment is all you need. It can reboot your healthy lifestyle by indulging you in pampering sessions of health and fitness activities like yoga, tai chi and pilates that are sure to leave you feeling energised.

Improves sleep

Many weekend spas offer sleep enhancement programmes where a dedicated therapist will diagnose your specific sleeping habits and help you improve them. Spas offer several sleep deprivation treatments like therapeutic massage, reiki, acupuncture, shiatsu, and reflexology, encouraging better and healthy sleep.

Detoxes the body

Your body is subjected to two types of toxins- one that comes from the outside world in the form of food, chemicals, pollution, tobacco, drugs, etc. and the others that originate in your body. Luckily, spas can help you get rid of both types of toxins by unique treatments that include body scrub, facial cleansing, relaxation session, bath, exfoliation and hydration. These treatments genuinely detoxify the body; for this reason, people need to visit a spa from time to time.

Alleviate aches and pain

Spending a spa weekend in Sydney is a great way to relieve pain associated with various medical conditions, including ligament injuries, muscle spasms, arthritis, and neurological complaints. Moreover, spa treatments are ideal for releasing trapped nerves and relaxing painful and tense muscles. Hydrotherapy is another popular spa treatment that promotes complete relaxation and body restoration.