What are the best SEO techniques to get rank faster?

What are the best SEO techniques to get rank faster?

SEO techniques and tips are constantly emerging, and the most challenging part of SEO is its fluidity. Google updates its algorithms now and then. Even the SEO specialists who dedicate their whole life’s work to figuring out the ranking criteria end up scratching their heads. According to a survey, 75% of the searchers never go past the first page of the search results and hence it is essential to figure out how to beat the algorithm updates and remain on the first page of the SERPs.

Following are the best SEO techniques to get rank faster-

  1. Understand your site’s core web vitals.

It would be best for you to familiarize yourself with the term ‘core web vitals’. Google defines core web vitals as metrics that measure speed, responsiveness and visual stability. Following are some things you should consider while measuring the core web vitals-

  • Largest contentful paint.

It measures the page speed, the time it takes for a page’s primary content to load, and the ideal LCP is 2.5 seconds.

  • First Input delay.

It measures page responsiveness and the time it takes for a page to become interactive.

  • Cumulative layout shift.

It measures the visual stability, and it is the amount of unexpected layout shifts of visual page content.

             Google has updated many existing tools to include the core web vitals, and each of these tools offers reports which give several details and insights into the health of the core web vital metrics. 

  1. Optimize for Google passage ranking.

In October 2020, Google launched passage ranking, where the individual passages on the web pages can also be ranked along with the whole page itself. It means that Google can pull out sections from a page even if it covers a different topic than what is displayed in the SERPs.

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For example, if you wrote a blog post on the social media platform which covers various aspects of social media marketing, such as the tools, metrics and networks. Your page might also rank for the keyword social media marketing tools. 

Optimizing your Google’s passage ranking is as simple as creating an easy-to-read blog post and user-friendly experience. Your primary focus should be on creating clear sections within the posts. You should focus on incorporating keywords as heading for these sections. Your content within these sections should be explicit and concentrate on the subtopic. The sections should always be relevant to your main topic.

Many individuals avail of the services of SEO Brisbane, which is a digital SEO agency which provides different types of SEO services to clients.

  1. Focus on the featured snippets.

Featured snippets should become a part of your SEO strategy. In a rectangular box, the feature snippets appear in the position zero or at the very top of the SERP page. 

  • Long-term keywords.

According to a survey, the longer words in a search query, the higher chance that it will return featured snippets. Around 4.3% of single-word keywords resulted in a featured snippet, compared to 17% of keywords made of 5 words and 55.5% made of 10 words.

  • Use questions.

Any content that you write should be created with the user intent in mind and most often, when people search on Google, they use queries in the form of questions. Hence, writing content with the questions and the answers in mind will set one up to earn even more featured snippets. 

  • Format wisely.
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The four different types of featured snippets are list, paragraph, table and video. When you write your content, you should keep different formats in mind and also keep in mind the purpose of a featured snippet. Google is the search engine which wants to display information easily and distinctly to the searchers.

  1. Learn the EAT principle.

The EAT principle is important and it helps you master long term SEO success despite the constantly changing algorithm of Google. EAT stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness. It is the measurement of your brand’s reputation on the web and Google ranks more established and brand authentic. Following are some steps you can take for EAT-

  • Ask the customers to leave good reviews on reputable sites like Amazon or Google.
  • Earn high quality links from sites in the industry.
  • Get active and encourage mentions on all the public forums.
  • Demonstrate EAT on your website through different types of case studies and other social proofs.
  1. Support multiple long-tail keyword phrases.

With every algorithm update which Google releases, the search engine becomes more advanced. It has also announced that it can understand relevant subtopics of a specific keyword. There will be a lot more competition for the shorter tail keywords. However, if you utilize long tail keywords, you will have a higher chance of seeing your domain on top results when you check the website ranking for the relevant phrases. 

  1. Create new content.

Sometimes, marketers can get too caught up in the detail of their on page SEO. They neglect to focus on creating new quality content for the searchers. When you create any new content you have a chance to optimize for the SEO best practices. You should focus on the page titles, content headers, image alt text and subheads.

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The fresh content is seen by the users as more valuable than the old content, and when the people are searching for an answer to a question, they look at the date for relevance. If your posts have old dates, they will quickly skip over to the next search results.

Freshness is a ranking factor and the more you publish, the more frequently Google will index your pages.

  1. Update old content.

You should not neglect updating your old content as if you are only publishing new content, the old content will fall off the map and it can also become irrelevant. You can do a link audit and find and fix any external links that are broken or outdated. This improves your user experience and also keeps you from being penalized by Google for having too many broken links. You should update your internal links.

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