8 Tips to Help You Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free

8 Tips to Help You Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free

Nothing beats the convenience of a comfortable hotel room with windows offering stunning views, high-class service, and tranquil decor to get up and moving on your once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Securing a free hotel room upgrade is one of the greatest feelings in the world for many seasoned travelers. Your trip to the US and other parts of the world might become even more memorable with a room upgrade. You can stay in some of the luxurious and best hotel in bakersfield california at the cost of a midrange hotel room.

Fortunately, getting a free upgrade doesn’t require an experienced traveler. There are various methods to get a better room, whether you want a more spacious room, a private Jacuzzi, or a better view.

Here Are 8 Tips to Upgrade Your Hotel Room for Free

  • Be Smart – Visit During Low Season

If you want an upgraded hotel room, avoid booking a room in peak seasons. Hotels are not occupied during low seasons and there is a chance of an upgrade. And prices will be lower. When reserving a hotel in the off season, enquire with the hotel about its upgrade and pricing policy. Hotels make their upgrade decisions on occupancy.  The same idea holds true for business hotels, which are typically less crowded on the weekends.

  • Become a Part of the Hotel’s Loyalty Program

Hotels give priority to frequent visitors or who participate in their loyalty programs. Consider joining the loyalty program of a certain hotel chain if you frequently stay there. If you discontinue your membership, you still take benefits by adding your membership number.  You will earn points or credits for your paid stay. As you collect more points, you will climb the different loyalty program tiers and get access to greater upgrades and other perks.

  • Hotel’s Logo Credit Card

Credit cards with hotel logos frequently come with an upgrade perk. It might also affect how many points you accumulate through the hotel’s reward programs. By using a credit card with a hotel logo, you can earn bonus points on all of your purchases. Gas and groceries are also included in this.

  • Do Not Book Cheapest Room

It can be challenging to refuse the hotel that is the most economical. Sometimes spending a little bit more for a middle room is worthwhile. You may benefit from booking a little more expensive room. If you simply paid for one of the least expensive rooms available, it is unlikely that the hotel will upgrade you to the master suite. If you want the most opulent suites then you have to spend more than you expect.

  • Late Check-in

 Late check-in help you receive a free upgrade. Costly suites are typically reserved in advance. So, hotels are aware of their occupancy schedules. The front desk employees at the hotel will have a better sense of which rooms are available if you check in a little later, ideally after 6 pm.

  • Avoid Booking from Third-Party Websites

Booking through a third-party website is convenient but it lacks the personal touch.  The hotel loses some of the money you paid because they have to pay commissions to these sites.  Because of this, hotels frequently favor clients who make direct reservations.

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Although you can reserve straight through the hotel’s website, calling the hotel first will give you the best chance of receiving a free upgrade. This is due to the fact that you can start a conversation, establish a relationship, and ask what benefits might be offered to you.

  • Inform Hotel Staff About Special Occasion

Have you ever requested a free dessert at a restaurant by telling the staff that it was your birthday? We all have done this. Additionally, mentioning a special event at a restaurant may entitle you to complimentary ice cream, just as doing so may enable you to a complimentary upgrade at a hotel.

  • Plan a Shorter Stay

It could be more difficult for a hotel to give you an upgrade if you’re staying for a week instead of one or two nights. This is due to the fact that upgrading you to a higher category room is unlikely to have an impact on the reservation made for that accommodation in the future.  Furthermore, hotels have no benefit to leave their upper rooms unfilled. The hotel may decide to use such rooms to honor regular customers if there are no reservations, of course.

It should be noted that not all hotel staff members have the authority to give you an upgrade, although this varies from hotel to hotel.

Final Words

Are you looking for an upgrade to the best hotel in bakersfield california? At a five-star hotel, upgrading your accommodation is as easy as asking for it. There are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Follow the above tips if you want to upgrade your hotel room for free.

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