Qualities Parents Must Have to Become Their Kid’s Role Model

Qualities Parents Must Have to Become Their Kid’s Role Model

Everyone has a role model in his life and everyone wants to follow his/her qualities to become like him or her. A role model shows and guides you to live with optimism, integrity, hope, determination and compassion. Role models have an important role in the positive development of young students. Institute ERP tries its level best in any school to provide such an education to the child that he or she can get his/her role model in the school among the tutors through which he or she can learn more than he or she is expected. For this school ERP always tries to recruit learned tutors with experience. School not only tries to induce discipline in the students but also it brings faith and hope to become like their role models which they learn about in schools. Schools these days use modern technology to assist the education system like attendance management system. an attendance management system manages attendances and thus monitors the attentivity of the children. Every young student contains a picture of a role model of him/hers. And in teenage, students draw a different picture of their role model in order to see their dreams getting competed in him/her.

 There are several ways role models enter the life of young students such as leaders, motivational speakers, social workers, father, mother, peers, tutors and ordinary people from society. A role model can have positive as well as negative impact on the growth of the child. Sometimes this contradictory thing happens in front of children that good people who er role model of kids they suffer and it changes the perception of the kids whereas unfortunately they see people who have negative approach towards people they succeed with all facilities and in such situations, kids start to follow such people who exhibit wrong behaviour like racism, bullying, abusing, hooliganism etc. If parents see such a thing happening then they should immediately take the matter into their own hands and explain to the child about family values. On the basis of this fact students should learn the difference between good and bad behaviour of the people they look up to as role models. They should not follow anyone blindly. So, what are the qualities which a person can be followed as a role model by the children? This is a most searched question by the parents. So, let’s understand this.

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In order to become role models for their children, parents need to become passionate about their work, an absolute madness is needed to achieve success for what you are doing therefore it is necessary to be passionate and should infect people around you also with your passion to work hard. This can be understood that students always follow that tutor who can be found always searching for good contents to teach his or her students. People who are role models to others can be found living their life under some certain values and principles that are too strict. Such being very true to their words, if they promise something to somebody then they never forget to fulfil their promise at any cost. In order to become role model parents, they need to become firm in the matter of commitment. If they are making any commitment then they should show dedication for its accomplishment to set an example in front of their child. Students and kids like such people who are also committed to their local surroundings and community and reach out to their neighbours in the hours of need or help the strangers also when help is needed by them. Also, kids of a community follow a person who can be seen participating actively in the community affairs. Most followed role models can be seen having some particular qualities which not only kids but adults also love and that is the quality of acceptance. Yes, those who accept people of any race, class, caste, religion and locality without asking anything just on the basis of humanity and share their bread and happiness with them, kids always follow them as their role model because this is an act of selflessness i.e., to think about others without thinking oneself. Students and kids face a lot of problems in their academic life so they admire those people who always fight with the issues and overcome them at any cost. So, all the above stated qualities are of a role model and parents should try to get them to be their kid’s favourite.

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