Essential Tools To Measure The Effectiveness Of Marketing Campaigns

Essential Tools To Measure The Effectiveness Of Marketing Campaigns

In any marketing campaign, measuring and tracking effectiveness  is always of the essence. Although today there are many tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sometimes, in the process of working, you will also have a little difficulty when the amount of data this tool provides is too much. It can make it difficult for marketers to pinpoint exactly what information they need most. Then learn the tools you need to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in the article below

Some popular content marketing performance measurement tools today

Google Analytics

Google Analytics  is a tool that  really ought to  analyze the  good results  and  optimize  content. With Google Analytics,  you\’ll  see  how many people are actually reading your content, understand  the relationships  between channels, and  give  you  important metrics   for  in -depth commentary .



Socialbakers  is a tool  to manage  social networks  with good results . This tool will  aggregate and statistics the  number of likes, shares, comments for you to  compare with  competitors. To  effectively comment on   content,  you need to know  how many people like, share, comment, etc.


Chartbeat  not only achieved  good results  content but also  provided  the  job  \’s actual  consideration  as acts of  users , time on pages, … This tool  to help you  find always act in real time so the admin could  handle  and expeditiously interact  with  users .

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Social Mention

Social Mention is a way to  censor  the  topics  and  keywords that are trending. When you  write a phrase on  it , the tool will let you  see  the  contents  important  for the traffic, fans, … Above  all  platforms. Here is  the formula  to achieve good results  in order to  collect  evaluation  good results  content.


SumAll  is a tool  to measure achievement  very  friendly  for  users  to  share  and manage content across more than 20 channels that are not the same .

With the right knowledge and tools, it   becomes  easier to measure  content  marketing effectiveness  . Experiment and  measure  to understand  anxiety . Remember that it will be very difficult to optimize a content marketing campaign  if you  cannot track  its good work  with specific ,  methodical ,  accurate numbers  .


Buffer performs  analyzes  of  posts  and  shares  on  social networks . B You can cancel, consider tweeting or  post  the most popular of his time. Package  no cost  of Buffer allows you to  access  information  on  Facebook , Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, expanded  contact  social channels  yours. You can  pay for more extensive  open metrics  if you  want . Take advantage of discount codes, coupons to enjoy preferential prices.

The index has been measured to reach  by Buffer  provided  with  the value  to  determine the  view  you  get  intent  on  social networks  or not and  determine  where  you will  improve  capacity  approaching  this. you can  simply  know if you are getting the most out of your  social network  or   what more you need to do to increase your  audience . It also allows you to compare  the performance  average of  postings  on  social channels  with Performance  Average  post  present to  see if it works  well .

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Tool  Measuring  Content  marketing  which we  wish to  introduce as Cyfe.

Cyfe can monitor multiple  websites  on multiple platforms,  different , allowing you to  make  conclusions comprehensively. by  applications  separate the dashboard into  groups  visually,  you can  pay attention to  the factors  specified  in the  strategy  of our marketing,  Such as  media  marketing  social or financial.

No charge  for  the purpose of  using the  individual with  the capacity  upgrade,  is a tool to analyze and manage content  more than 1.2 million people and  companies  use .

About the basic , private network of Scoop Publishing,  share and post  your  settings  on any mainstream social tools (such as Buffer).

In terms of  metrics ,  measures your  views ,  visitors ,  reviews  and  shares  every day and integrates with Google Analytics. Center  guides  offer  guidance  products , study  the most prominent  and frequently asked questions on how to  use  the tool this extension.

Other measurement and analysis tools


Piwik is an easy-to-use, feature-rich, open source measurement tool that is under regular development. The difference is probably that Piwik will require you to have a server, hosting and technical knowledge if you want to install this tool for your website yourself, not just install a piece of code like other tools. However, it is not too complicated or you can completely use the Cloud package provided by Piwik to skip the installation. Plus mark? All data you collect is yours.


Clicky is another measurement solution for websites. The highlight of Clicky is that this tool provides information in real time, the included heatmap tool is useful, the up time monitor feature helps you know as soon as the website has problems and measuring video traffic is part of it. among the add-ons.

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KISSmetrics is also a measurement and analysis tool, but unlike Google Analytics, which is based on sessions and pageviews, this tool is based on events, i.e. user interactions on the website and who does it. An interesting orientation because the truth is that sessions and pageviews do not provide you with much useful information to take actions to improve efficiency and conversion rate. KISSmetrics is suitable for sales and service websites and suitable for marketers who are not very technical thanks to its easy to use and friendly interface.  Based on the collected information, you will easily come up with marketing strategies such as giving away discount codes, coupons to attract potential customers.


Mixpanel is quite similar to KISSmetrics, which is also an events-based measurement tool, but Mixpanel is mobile-focused and geared towards tech-savvy developers and marketers to take full advantage of its features. tools like A/B testing, survey, push notification.


Appsflyer is the most popular measurement tool for mobile apps, helping users see information about installs, breakdown by channel, and user behavior within apps.


To get the best results on marketing campaigns and media content, owning effective measurement tools helps marketers have the ability to accurately analyze and evaluate their own and competitors\’ content. Above are the necessary tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns , I hope it will help your business.