Is Snapchat Unsafe? Find Out With Screen Recorder For Snapchat

Is Snapchat Unsafe? Find Out With Screen Recorder For Snapchat

Snapchat is spontaneous, quick, easy, and fun. Generally speaking, safety comes from the fact how you use a certain thing, which factors do you considered before doing it? and at the end, of course, the safety measures. Snapchat chat in general is an unsafe app for kids below age 18.

  • According to the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, 50 % of children have suffered from bullying at least once in their lifetime.
  • After the COVID-19 lockdown, there has been a 70 % increase in the rate of bullying according to a report presented in August 2020.
  • Most of the youth experienced cyberbullying through social media platforms with Snapchat ranked as 31 % which is considerable.

200 million snaps are taken daily. Imagine your 13-year-old daughter receives a humiliating snap and felt so degraded. She comes to share it with you but as soon as she comes the snap disappears. How frustrating it would be? It is the new tactic of cyberbullying tending these days.

Parents are now more concerned about saving snaps because this is the only way to have a record and report abuse. OgyMogy super spy provides you with a feature called secret screen recorder for Snapchat through which you can capture every online activity of your kid and make the app safe for them. Now you will be able to do the following things after having this super-duper app.

  • Capture the Screen and Punch the Bully on his Face

Bullies take advantage of the innocence of kids and try to manipulate them. They may force them to share their data with them and will exploit it later on. To save your kid from such types of people get this wonderful app installed now and get informed on the spot when they try to harm your kid. With the Snapchat spy app, you can watch every snap sent and received on your teen’s device.

  • An Intelligent Approach to ToBe With Your Kid 24/7
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You can’t be physically everywhere with your loved one. But now with the help of this awesome software, you can be with them at any time and anywhere. You can see their screen anytime you want. They are in their class or in a concert you can monitor their every activity now. It’s intelligent to not let your kid know that you are invading their privacy because you are doing it for the sake of their safety. Have eyes on their screen whenever you want and watch the screen activities in general and special media activities in particular with OgyMogy and a secret screen recorder for Snapchat.

  • Record Snaps AsAProof:

With these amazing features, you can get the record of disappeared apps in real-time. Predators cannot stay very long now. Grab your phone, install this superb app and record the snaps shared on the targeted device anytime. In case you want to report the abusers, you will have proof now to share and tell. This way you can get them to punish for their illegal acts. The best part about the OgyMogy spy app is that it saves all the data on the dashboard for the user. No need to worry about the disappeared content, text message, or image file from the device as the screen recorder for Snapchat will keep it saved on the dashboard with complete time and date information.

  • Save Your Kid from Time Abuse

Time is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted. Kids nowadays spend too much time on their gadgets and involve in different activities that may prove harmful for them because they have plenty of time to spare so they will explore more and more and maybe get caught in some malicious activity. So, get this app installed now and make your kids spend only quality time on different social media apps.

  • Make Snapchat a Safer app for Your Child
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By getting all these wonderful features of recording snaps and monitoring screen time, congratulations! You are at a safe place with your kid. You can make this platform toxic-free by having these excellent features and ultimately be the savior.

Proper handling and use of everything make it good or bad and ultimately safe or unsafe. OgyMogy offers amazing features to make social platforms a secure thing for your kids to use.