Planning to Add Square Footage to Your House? Here are 5 Reasons to Do It!

Planning to Add Square Footage to Your House? Here are 5 Reasons to Do It!

Everyone dreams of having his or her own house. Take note that it’s not just any kind of house but a big one. Of course, if you are going to dream, why dream small? Dream big.

How is the house you’re living in? Is it nice and wide enough for you and your everyday needs? Are there more things that you wish you can do to improve your home? Is space lacking? Is it quite far from the house you have been longing to own?

Adding a square footage is one of the actions that many homeowners do to enhance their properties in many ways. Basically, square footage is the amount of horizontal piece of land or space that encompasses an area. With more capacity, there are more opportunities to obtain a better living in a better home. 

Here are 5 reasons to add square footage to your residential property.  

1 – Your family is expanding.

You might have built your house when you were still single or when you and your spouse had no kids yet. But now, you have children, or you have grandchildren too. There might be relatives who decided to stay with you, or maybe your elderly parents live with you as well. Whatever the setup is, your family is expanding. If not now, then surely, in the future.

To accommodate the size of your family, you do not really need to move into a new and bigger house. Rather, you can choose to add square footage to the abode you already have. Utilize the free spaces around your property to extend your house. Have additional rooms created. They can be extra or duplicate rooms, and there could be actual new rooms that did not exist before.   

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Adding square footage is to make your home more spacious and sufficient for your family’s comfort and convenience. Kids are growing up. Some people get added to your family tree too. More space is important also to maintain personal privacy. Even when you are a family, of course, each of you needs personal space. You can achieve that in a house that has enough space for you all.

2 – You need more storage space.

People keep buying, buying and buying stuff, and all these are obviously kept at home. It’s fine. It’s reality. However, another reality is that your items at home keep growing in number, yet your house does not grow to provide more room for them. You end up eventually throwing away or giving away some of your things for that reason. It’s not always easy to do that though.

One of the ways to help yourself is by adding square footage to your house. This allows you to enjoy more storage space. Such a serviceability is nothing to say no to!

3 – You have or will start a home-based business.

This is a very specific reason to add square footage to your property, and it could be your reason.

If you have a home-based business wherein you manufacture, pack and/or store at home the products you sell or supply, your house will be chaotic if you do not have ample space. You and your family will suffer from discomfort, inconvenience and possibly, danger too if you have huge equipment and items for business stored where you’re all staying or sleeping in.

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Expand your house to make way for better business operations, which you can clearly and carefully separate from your personal life. Add square footage to create a particular area for business matters set at home. This is totally helpful also to maintain privacy from non-family staff or laborers that work inside your home-based business.

Whether you already have a business or planning to start it up, consider adding square footage to your house for this valuable need.   

4 – You wish to beautify your abode.

The wider the house, the more opportunities there are for home enhancement and beautification. More square footage means you can create more rooms for gracing your house. You can set home interior pieces you’ve always wanted to own. If you wish to make your dwelling more luxurious with bigger bathrooms, secondary kitchens, a game lounge, a sports zone, a pampering crib and many more, you totally can do so with more space! 

5 – You want to boost the value of your property.

Last but definitely not the least, added square footage will boost the value of your property. Of course, it’s more sizable, so it’s more upmarket. It will positively affect the resale value of your house. This is the same when you decide to put it up for rent.


Often, home additions and purchases make the house cramped, but an addition of square footage makes it extensive and more commodious.

With fresh space, you can move more conveniently, smarten up your property and work on more productivity for your family or for a business you are thinking of doing. Not only can added square footage allow you to further embellish your house but it can also boost your home’s value and grant you profitable resale and depreciation benefits. There is definitely a bucket of good news and great perks that awaits in every space included!

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Nicole Ann Pore is the author of this article.