Liquid Software The Best Budget Optometry EH

Liquid EHR Inc, based in Cary, North Carolina, provides software and tech assistance to eye care practitioners. Since its conception, it has adhered to a persistent design philosophy focusing on naturally intuitive software and support service as an essential component of its core, employing cutting-edge technology and best practice techniques. The firm tries to make information technology as straightforward as possible so that doctors may focus on giving the best eye care possible to their patients.

Having an EHR solution tailored to your specialties makes life easier. Liquid EHR is one such solution for eye specialists. It goes above and beyond just custom templates. Built from the ground up to cater to optometric specialties, Liquid EHR’s feature offering and design philosophy reflect this special care.

With that said, is Liquid EHR the right fit for you? Well, to answer that, you’ll need to be aware of Liquid EHR’s pricing, reviews, demos, and features. Luckily this post has been written to achieve that exact purpose.

                                                                             Liquid EHR Features

Liquid EHR comes equipped with a rather lengthy list of features—most of which it shares with your run-of-the-mill EHR software. However thats, not a bad thing. It just means that by picking Liquid EHR, you aren’t making any concessions or compromises because you wanted a specialty EHR solution. In my opinion, Liquid EHR’s greatest strength is that it’s taken features found in most EHR’s and made them more focused on optometrists. This way, you don’t miss out on anything while getting a specialty-focused EHR solution. With that said, here are some of the most prominent features of Liquid EHR;

  • E-prescription
  • Practice management
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Electronic insurance filling
  • Billing
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Scheduling
  • Patient demographics
  • Remote access
  • Data mining
  • Auditing and security
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There’s much more but adding all of them will make this list at least a couple of pages long.

                                                                Liquid EHR Reviews

Another important indicator of a product’s effectiveness is its user reviews. I’ve taken the liberty to add a few that outline key features and problems. This way, you’ll be aware of what you’re getting into, and it’s a great way to manage expectations.

“Very user-friendly. They stay on top of updates.”

“The ease of usage. Scheduling patients is simple once more. Because of their software, the doctor\’s exam is also efficient.”

Pros: “I love it because it is user friendly & easy”

Cons: “they might improve the reporting. Especially if a doctor or clinic wants to compare month to month or how many of a certain contact lens brand is sold each month/year, etc….”

-Hiten, Triangle Family Eye Care

 “Excellent software and best support!”

“LiquidEHR amazingly recovered my patient data from the crashed software, allowing me to access the information once more. This was a lifesaver because I had almost three years\’ worth of recordings. I can\’t express how pleased I am with LiquidEHR\’s software and great customer service. I mean, a support technician even phones me occasionally simply to see if I need anything with the program! Who does that in this day and age when there is so much support? That is first-rate help that you will not get anyplace else.”

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-Thomas, TandD Optometry, LLC

“Liquid EHR very easy to use.”       

“This EMR is superior to others I\’ve tried since it is simple to use, fast, and intuitive, and the printed tests are well-done. In addition, the developers are receptive to suggestions and will sometimes implement them.”

Pros: “It is simple to use and intuitive. It does not print fields that do not include information. Thus the exam is two to three pages long, easy to understand, and concise when printed. The scanned documents function makes it simple and quick to read the papers and scanned photos. There are illustrations for both the anterior and posterior segments. It is simple to obtain spectacle, contact, and pharmaceutical prescriptions. The drop-down lists may also be easily customized. It stores data rapidly and allows you to browse around the program/pages swiftly. It works nicely with APEX EDI to send insurance claims.”

Cons: “It does not support letter writing”

-Paula, InSight Eye Care, PLLC

                                                                            Pricing and Demos    

Liquid EHR’s pricing model is far more budget-friendly as compared to competitors. An In-office solution will set you back 200 dollars a month, and you can add an unlimited number of doctors and workstations. The cloud-based plan is 300 dollars a month and includes five concurrent users and unlimited global workstations and doctors. There are zero set-up costs no matter which plan you choose. Furthermore, both plans include all modules, unlimited Technical Support via Phone and Email, setup and online training, software updates, and new features.

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Demos are readily available and are straightforward and intuitive.

                                                                               Final Verdict

Liquid EHR is a no-brainer for an optometry practice on a budget. Even if you arent on a budget, Liquid EHR is a solid platform to run your practice through.