How to Use Entertainment to Maximize Social Media Interaction at Events

How to Use Entertainment to Maximize Social Media Interaction at Events

Using livestreaming is a powerful way to generate social media interaction at your event. According to Emarketer, people will spend 92 minutes on digital video per day by 2020. Facebook estimates that people will watch live videos for three times longer than they do other types of videos. Whether your event is a keynote speech, VIP arrivals, or post-keynote interviews, you can create a social video that lets people watch it in real-time. Using a hashtag allows participants to share content and build a community around your event.

The following are some social media tools that can help you promote your Reel Craze event: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, Twitter is a popular networking tool for B2B groups and helps promote events. The following are some ways to utilize these tools to your advantage: 

(1) use a live stream feature for your event,

(2) create a hashtag, and 

(3) create content for attendees to share. 

Once you have some content, compile it into a post it on social media sites.

USE LIVE TWITTERING to engage attendees. 

During your event, live-tweeting will allow you to interact with your audience and increase your visibility on social media. Make sure to tweet updates about the event as they happen. Retweet and respond to questions on Twitter. Then, use Twitter Moments to curate tweets related to the theme of the event.

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USE ENTERTAINMENT to boost event engagement. 

Using a hashtag can boost your social media engagement. A popular hashtag is one that has the most followers, and a high response rate means that more attendees will take part in your event. Using a hashtag during your event will increase the likelihood of increased engagement.


When you use Twitter, you can engage with your Twitter followers by sending updates about the event as it happens. Throughout the Reelcraze event, you can also reply to tweets and answer audience questions. You can even curate hashtags on each platform. The more people participate in your social media activity, the better.


A live stream of the event can be an extremely effective way to maximize social media interaction. If the event has a specific hashtag, use that hashtag. A good social media strategy will promote your brand. Creating a list can also make you stand out from the crowd. However, if you plan to utilize a Twitter List to promote an event, you should also create a page for it.

Using video as an event marketing tool is the best way to engage attendees. 

Statistics show that 82% of consumer internet traffic is video. Using a promotional video highlights the benefits of attending an event and highlights its events. It can be posted on multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. The responses will vary depending on the type of platform. By creating a promotional video, you are most likely to get the maximum response.

If your event is a tech conference, you can make use of a branded Twitter handle to promote it. Incorporate a hashtag into all your social media posts, including on event hashtags. You can even add a special contest on Instagram to get social shares. Using a Twitter handle as an event hashtag can also boost engagement.

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The use of live tweeting is a popular way to engage with your audience. You can use Twitter to send out updates from your event as it unfolds. Retweet users’ tweets. In addition, you can also retweet the content posted by other attendees. By using this technique, you can increase the engagement of your audience and build your event’s buzz.