What Makes the Natural Carpets Perfect Choices for the Houses

The natural carpets can be classified according to the material with which they were made. In animal skin or natural leather, you will enjoy their robustness and their noble and elegant side. Animal skin rugs are all you need to make a room lusher! But next to it, a woolen rug can also do the trick if you want an atmosphere full of softness and comfort in the room. Also very resistant, wool rugs do not fear wear or the risk of tearing! You can also enjoy the shiny and sophisticated side of silk rugs. And although they are more fragile in appearance, they are still very robust overall.

Various patterns for a natural carpet

In our range of natural rugs, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to patterns. For an oriental atmosphere, you can for example opt for a carpet with arabesque patterns. Note that animal skin or leather rugs will remind you of the animal in question: panther, tiger, or leopard print for example. If you want a touch of modernity, don\’t worry! You can also treat yourself to a natural carpet with a surrealist motif like a Picasso painting spread out on the floor of your living room.

Switch to natural rugs!

Depending on your research criteria, wool, for example, can provide you with softness and thermal and sound insulation, while jute or linen will provide you with lightness and resistance to wear. Whatever your choice, natural rugs are all easy to maintain and their fibers offer superior qualities to synthetic. They are all the more perfect allies for your decoration: their complexion matches many colors, even the most vivid.

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Your living rooms will always be in trend because natural materials are in vogue and organic fabrics release an artistic and timeless expression. For a feeling of well-being, moving around in an atmosphere suggesting authenticity becomes obvious. Quickly choose natural rugs! The stores present a wide range of eco-friendly plain and patterned floor coverings, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Natural carpet

The natural carpet is above all an accessory intended to dress a room of a dwelling. It is installed in the living room, the bathroom, or the bedroom. But beyond this decorative aspect, it also makes it possible to avoid contact between the floor covering and the feet. In addition, it attenuates noise under certain conditions and keeps the owner warm. However, the characteristics mentioned will depend mainly on its material of manufacture.

Opt for a zen and authentic decoration

The Floorspace natural carpets are designed exclusively with plant and animal fibers. It is possible to cite wool, jute, sisal, or even leather. Each of its materials offers an advantage for the owner. Sisal, for example, is resistant and easy to maintain. It comes from a cactus from a tropical country. For its part, wool plays an anti-flammable role. It also reduces noise pollution in the room. In addition, she is hypoallergenic. Jute is known as gold fiber. It is recyclable and gentle on the feet. The leather promises a unique and original style thanks to its coloring. It is also a noble material. Most rugs are handcrafted. This tends to optimize the design.