Top 5 Trusted Used Car Brands In India

Top 5 Trusted Used Car Brands In India

Cars are gradually becoming a necessary commodity in India. People are showing more interest than before in buying cars. The car market in India is booming, with different brands offering a wide range of models with attractive features. Customers can purchase a new car or buy a car from the used car markets. Both options are equally attractive and can be funded through a car loan. Salaried or business professionals can easily apply for a used car loan while purchasing a second-hand car. Individuals can quickly gauge the affordability of such loans by using a used car loan emi calculator available online. 

Purchasing a used car from the second-hand car market is cost-effective. The price of a used car is lesser, and it still offers similar features and benefits. However, it is advisable to do due diligence on the used car before purchasing it. This article lists India’s top 5 most trusted used car brands to ease shortlisting the next second-hand car purchase. These are 

  1. Maruti Suzuki: Maruti needs no introduction in the Indian car market. The brand has earned the loyalty of customers over the years. They have a wide range of cars in every segment – the company offers hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and pickups. The company is known to align their products with the needs of Indian consumers. Maruti Suzuki also has a network spread across Pan India, which makes it easier for their customers to purchase cars and find service centres close to their location. In addition, Maruti Suzuki has a great resale value as its parts are sustainable.
  1. Tata Motors: Tata has become synonymous with trust in India. The company manufactures commercial and passenger vehicles and offers various products across segments. Tata Motors also has a vast network that makes its products and service facilities readily accessible. The company offers every service used car owners would need after their purchases. Its reliability for safety makes it a great choice for a second-hand car purchase.
  1. Mahindra: While Mahindra offers a wide range of cars, they are primarily known for their solid and sturdy SUVs, explicitly designed for Indian roads and weather conditions. Mahindra manufactures these cars in India, and their spare parts and other accessories are readily available at a competitive price in the local markets. Consumers looking to buy a used SUV can purchase a car from Mahindra, given its sturdy performance, lifespan,  affordable prices, and attractive looks. This brand has a strong grip on both, the commercial and passenger vehicles market.
  1. Hyundai: The company also offers a range of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs to their Indian customers. Hyundai has been very successful in the Indian markets and has built a significant pool of loyal customers. Given the high demand for its products and many existing customers, the company has left no stone unturned to cater to its customers’ needs. Their cars are known to be durable, fuel-efficient and powerful. Hyundai cars are also available at competitive prices and can be a good option for someone looking to purchase a second-hand car.
  1. Volkswagen: They are a German automobile company that established itself in the Indian markets through its hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs explicitly designed for local customers. They bring luxury cars at affordable prices. However, this one is probably the most expensive brand among all above. Thus, customers who are restricted in their budget but want to experience a Volkswagen car can choose to buy a used car from this brand. Volkswagen service centres are easily  accessible across major towns and cities in India.
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Individuals looking to purchase a car can explore the options of either buying a new car or a used car from the second-hand car market. The availability of used car loan has made the latter an equally attractive option. Customers can easily use the online used car loan emi calculator to choose a loan that aligns with their needs to fund their used car purchases.

Derrick Jones