Top 5 Gin Cocktails for Aussies to Try at Home

Top 5 Gin Cocktails for Aussies to Try at Home

Going to a club can be exciting, but the alcohol choices make it less fun. If you are an Australian gin lover, you probably have heard most of the cocktail names listed below.

The Australian nightlife is bubbly and filled with unique adventures. One of them is having world-class, fizzy, aromatic and strong gin cocktails. This alcohol has become a crowd favourite amongst Aussies alluding to a 6.49% CAGR growth between 2022 to 2025.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, many clubs had to be closed down. This made the people miss clubs, but many tried making cocktails at home as a hobby.

A great bottle of gin can transform into a marvellous glass of cocktail. Most clubs offer perfectly balanced gin cocktails, but it would be great to make one yourself.

Here is a list of the top 5 gin cocktails you can try making at the comfort of your home.

1. French 75 Cocktail

Essence: Mysterious and refreshing

You can create this concoction by adding lemon and champagne to your beloved Australian gin. It will be one of the most refreshing and sophisticated cocktails on the menu.

Indeed, French 75 is truly a mysterious name for such a simple cocktail. Besides, it is great for any festive occasion.

Taste: Tangy, botanical and bubbly

2. Gin and Tonic

Essence: Irresistible, delicious and historic

Gin and tonic is the classic gin cocktail you could ever ask for. Not only does it come in a tall and bubbly spirit, but it also features a long-lasting essence.

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This classic cocktail came into existence during the 1800s and has been popular in Australia. The cocktail is made using a mixture of vodka and gin.

Taste: Bubbly, tangy, classic and strong

3. Gin Fizz Cocktail

Essence: Fizzy, magical and perfectly balanced

Even though gin fizz is a new addition to the Australian cocktail industry, it has taken over the clubs by storm. A gin fizz cocktail will become your favourite amongst everything.

Not only is it perfectly balanced, but it also has a fizzy aroma. You can make this cocktail by using a mixture of soda water and frothy egg white and adding it to your favourite Australian gin.

In some cases, there might be maple syrup in the recipe.

Taste: Tart, sweet and foamy

4. Gin Rickey

Essence: Easy and bubbly

Gin rickey will be the most leisurely cocktail on your palette. This cocktail does not have an elegant addition like the gin tonic but retains its classic taste.

Lemon, soda and gin are the main constituents of this cocktail. It is easy to make and retains the kick. 

Taste: Tangy and Bubbly

5. Gin Gimlet

Essence: Relaxing and simple

Any Australian bartender will know how to create the world-famous gin gimlet. Since the 1950s, this cocktail has become the epitome of sophistication and power.

It features the perfect balance of tart, botanical and sweet flavour. On some level, you could easily compare it to the gin fizz because of the signature frothiness.

Taste: Sweet and tart with hints of botanical flavour

The Bottom Line

Making something from your favourite Australian gin can be daunting by yourself. However, you can always create high-class gin cocktails at your place.

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You can choose a gin gimlet or gin fizz cocktail among the various cocktails. Besides, a classic gin and tonic French 75 will give you a fresh and lively feel.

All of these cocktails have a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess that you will love. So, are you ready to get yourself the best gin cocktails in Australia?