The marvel that is hoops and J-hoops

The marvel that is hoops and J-hoops

Shoulder dusters are often too long and studs can be too small. If you want to let your hair down literally, then the perfect earrings to adorn are hoops or even J-hoops. Hoops are any circular ring-like earrings with different colours, textures, and studded with diamonds or other precious stones. The beauty of hoops is that they generally match with any kind of jewellery except traditional and they can complement any outfit. Let us take a look at what goes between the hoops and J-hoops well enough to be repeated!

  1. Kurta – With a kurta, you can go for an intricate design of hoops rather than the conventional ones. You can also go for a traditional design of J-hoops that will look great paired with a bracelet or with even a traditional necklace. The beauty of J-hoops is that they are prominent enough to be noticed but the incomplete circle keeps it from looking tacky.
  2. Saree – Although you can carry any kind of jewellery with a saree, J-hoops are what make it look truly great. This chic style of earrings can range from diamond-studded ones to gold and carved ones. You can also pair diamond hoop earrings with a graceful saree. If you have opted for diamond hoop earrings, you need not go for a neckpiece at all. These look great, especially for an evening event.
  3. Jeans and tee – One of the most casual attires can be made to look stylish with the addition of hoops and J-hoops. Hoops with jeans, crop top, and a perm is what the retro era was about. The comeback of these iconic types of earrings should be taken advantage of, to glamourize your everyday outfit.
  4. Gown or dress – An evening gown or dress has an elegance of its own. Depending on the design, colour and overall pattern of the gown, you should decide which necklace and earrings to wear along with it. If you have chosen a gown with just one solid colour, you can go for something a bit flashy. If it is a dark colour with material that is not shiny on its own (e.g. tulle or crepe) then you can go for plain gold J-hoops. Do not be fooled by the pattern. J-hoops can be elegant when worn with the correct outfit and when you pick the right design. If your outfit is a bit flashy and has stones or any other work on it which makes it sparkle, you can choose to opt for diamond J-hoops that can stand out.
  5. Jumpsuits, skirts, and shorts – These items of clothing are mostly worn in casual events. They are historically linked with hoops. If you are a fan of hoops, then you cannot go wrong when you are wearing these outfits during a day or a night event. The colour and pattern do not really matter. If you love to accessorize, you can change your bracelets, neckpieces but nothing can beat hoops.

These pieces of jewellery have been a favorite for the past 4 decades. They may have been overlooked for some time but they are back in fashion again! The good part about these earrings is that they are versatile and can be used on most types of outfits and can fit into any event. They are great gifts and can be quirky, abstract, floral, geometric, and much more.


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