The Best Stomach Exercises for Getting Flat Belly

What are the best stomach exercises is this a question that seems to be on everybody\’s mind? Every day there are more and more quick abs routines popping up all over the place.

From 8 sec. Abs to the latest belly buster 3000 

These companies target consumers looking for the most effective and less time-consuming way to tone their bellies. But do you need their products to get the best stomach exercises? Read on, and you will get the answer.

Science for The Stomach

A recent study was conducted with an EMG machine that recorded activity in the upper and lower belly and the obliques when the test subject performed popular abdominal exercises. It also records the activity in the hip flexors.

Using the EMG data, they were able to determine which are the best stomach exercises. Movements that recorded the highest activity in the abs and obliques while maintaining less activity in the hip flexors were ranked higher than exercises that involved the hip flexors.

The reason is that once the hip flexors become involved, it dramatically reduces the movement\’s effectiveness.

The Studies results.

Movements that require constant rectus abdominal stabilization registered the highest muscle activities.

While rotating or twisting movement targeted the obliques. The obliques were also called on to maintain balance. The best stomach exercises incorporate all three.

Surprisingly the basic stomach crunch is not among the most effective, but it did prove to be 80% more effective than the late-night infomercial gizmo the Ab-Rocker.

And the Ab-Roller showed no benefits coming in ranked almost even. So why spend the 100 plus dollars on ab machines that prove to have no benefits.

The Torso Track Crunch Exercise

It is slightly more effective than the crunch, but the test subjects complained about lower back discomfort while using the device.

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The Best Stomach Exercises – Ranked From Best To Worst.

The Bicycle Crunches: This one ranked the best due to its constant tension on the abs and its twisting motion on the obliques working the entire abdominal area.

Lie on the floor with your legs bent and, in the air, so that your lower leg is parallel to the floor. Hands behind your head, move your left knee in and touch it with your right elbow while you crunch up. Alternate from left to right for about 1 minute for each set. Use slow controlled movements.

Ranked #1 – Overall

Ranked #2 – For obliques

Captains Chair: A close second best stomach exercise, this is one of the most popular at the gym and for a good reason. When your legs are dangling below you, it forces the entire abdominals to stabilize the core, including the obliques. This is one of the only exercises that place constant tension on the obliques.

Ranked #2 – Overall

Ranked #1 – For obliques

Swiss Ball Crunches. If you really want an abdominal machine at home, the Swiss ball is your best choice. Although it recorded less activity in the obliques and overall ab area than the top 2, it also involved the hip flexors the least, making it the best isolation movement of all.

Ranked #3 – Overall

Ranked #6 – For obliques

Vertical leg Crunch: Not to be mistaken with the reverse crunch (see below). There is a misconception or a myth that once you raise your legs, you are only working out the lower abs. This is simply false. First, let me explain how to perform vertical leg crunches, and you will see why this is false.

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Start by lying on your back with your legs straight up, pointing at the ceiling. Keeping your lower back on the floor at all times, reach up and try to touch your toes.

As you can see by the movement, the entire belly is involved, and the obliques serve as stabilizers making it more effective than the reverse crunch.

Ranked #4 – Overall

Ranked #5 – For obliques

Torso Track Machine. As stated earlier, only barely more effective than the ab crunches but significantly less than the top 3.

Ranked #5 – Overall

Ranked #7 – For obliques

Long Arm Crunches: Basically, the movement is the same as the stomach crunch, except instead of putting your hand behind your head, you reach your arms straight above your head as you contract your abdominals. It records a little more activity in the upper, lower and obliques. Think of it as an advanced basic.

Ranked #6 – Overall

Ranked #9 – For obliques

Reverse Crunch. Only slightly better than the crunch but ranked third for working the obliques. Traditionally seen as a lower ab exercise, it also works the obliques. Reverse ab crunches exercise is described here.

Ranked #7 – Overall

Ranked #3 – For obliques

Heel Push Crunches: Another variation of the basic. While in the crunch position, point your toes up, keeping your heels on the floor. At the top of the movement, push your heels and your lower back to the floor.

Ranked #8 – Overall

Ranked #8 – For obliques

Ab-Roller machine. As stated before, definitely it is not worth the money or the best stomach exercises as they claim.

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Ranked #9 – Overall

Ranked #10 – For obliques

The Plank Pose. A classic yoga and core strengthening exercise. It works the entire region, including the muscles around the spine, which will improve your posture. It is the best no-crunch abs exercise.

Ranked #10 – Overall

Ranked #4 – For obliques

Basic Crunch. This was the base exercise for which all others were compared to. I described more in detail here stomach crunches.

Ranked #11 – Overall

Ranked #11 – For obliques

Resistant Band Pulls. The band simply adds resistance to the crunch. It is less effective as the body uses the neck muscles to counter the resistance. You perform it by holding the bands with your hands next to your ears as you perform half sit-ups.

Ranked #12 – Overall

Ranked #12 – For obliques

Ab-Rocker. Blah!!! I won\’t even waste your time by describing anything about it.

Ranked #13 – Overall

Ranked #13 – For obliques

These results reflect the average response the men and women in this study had to each exercise. Some individuals responded to some exercises better than others.

On this note, let me suggest that you listen to your body. If an exercise does not feel right, don\’t do it and replace it with another.

It would help if you tried to include at least two movements that ranked in the top four. Do these 2-3 times per week with at least one day rest in between.

This scientific study shows that you do not need expensive ab machines to strengthen your abs. The best stomach exercises require only the floor and a little knowledge.