The Best Cookie Boxes Packaging Tips and Tricks For a Business

Freshly baked cookies are wonderful treats. But packaging them well is the biggest concern. Especially if you have started a new bakery business, you might be thinking about some effective cookie packaging tips and tricks to deliver them safely. The real pleasure is getting your delicious cookies, fresh and unbroken. Sometimes bakers spend a lot of effort in creating perfect cookies but when it comes to packaging the results are pitiful. A little extra care while designing custom cookie boxes can save your business from adverse consequences. It\’s the only way to satisfy the customers and increase your sales. Here are some of the best cookie packaging tips and tricks for businesses to help them deliver them safe and sound:

Look For the Grease-Resistant Liner:

All of us know that the secret to a scrumptious cookie is rich, decadent butter content. However, this butter or grease tends to leak through traditional cookie packaging. For keeping the butter and oil away from your packaging, look for a cookie box with a grease-resistant liner. It should be made from food-safe material to retain the quality of your products. You may also use cookie bags or flat Glassine bags to prevent grease stains. A cookie bag is a great option as its fully recyclable, biodegradable, and made from white dry waxed paper. On the other hand, a glassine bag is a popular option among bakers. This is because glassine is translucent, FDA-compliant, wax-like paper that provides the same function as that of a grease-resistant liner. You may also use crumpled plastic wrap to provide a cushioning layer of crumpled. To add on more appeal a pretty tissue can also serve the purpose.

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Never Be Afraid To Show Off:

When you are wrapping your sweet treats, never be afraid to offer a sneak peek with a cellophane window or an interesting die-cut pattern. This helps in showcasing your products beautifully and attractively. Cookie boxes with windows are becoming a rising trend these days. They help in grabbing the customers\’ attention instantly and bring a good exposure for your business. You may also design the printed boxes with base, inserts, sliders, or cookie trays to give an amazing display. Such a type of cookie packaging is especially used on festive occasions to tempt more customers by showcasing your delectable creations.

Use Dividers to Place in Different Types of Cookies:

If you want to place different types of cookies together in the same box, go for adding dividers to keep them separate. Delivering more than one kind or flavor of cookies may mix them up and spoil their taste. Placing them in separate compartments will help in retaining their flavor. Another useful packaging tip is to don\’t package crisp and soft cookies together. This is because, by the time they arrive at the destination, the crisp cookies will not remain crisp anymore. Moreover, it is also suggested to place heavy cookies on the bottom of the box and the light ones above them. Such arrangement will help in retaining the texture of your cookies for a long.

Package your Cookies Airtight:

The packaging for cookies should be airtight. It\’s another effective trick to retain their freshness and quality. If you want your cookies to be soft and chewy till they arrive at their destination, keeping them airtight is the biggest secret. When minimal or no air will let into your boxes, the results will be mouthwatering. You may choose:

  • Tupperware container — Go for a size that matches the number of cookies you want to place in, never choose a too-large container that provides extra space for cookies to bounce around.
  • Ziploc bag — It is another effective option to remove as much air out of the packaging as possible
  • Plastic wrap — it is the best way to wrap individual cookies or a little stack of cookies before placing them in a cookie box.
  • Plastic cellophane treat bag — it is a wonderful option to stack cookies together. Some bakers also use it for individually decorated cookies like coconut or sugar cookies. Just make sure to remove as excessive air out of the bag as possible.
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However, if you want to package cookies in a container that is not airtight, like cookie tins or cookie boxes, it is recommended to place them first in a plastic wrap or a treat bag, and then put them inside the boxes or tins.

Make it Attractive!

There are several ways to make your cookie boxes wholesale more appealing and attractive even after you have implemented all the tricks above. Craft stores and other bakery packaging manufacturers will provide you with a lot of options, especially during the holiday season. Of course, you will find many of these supplies online.

  • As mentioned earlier, plastic cellophane treat bags are a wonderful, easy and quick way to dress up your cookies.
  • Place the wrapped cookies in a holiday tin or custom-designed paper box.
  • Add a colorful cord, a decorative ribbon, or a string for embellishment.
  • Never forget to include a wishing card, gift tag, or stickers especially on festive occasions. Search Google or Pinterest for free templates for stickers and tags. You will find a lot of cute stuff there!