Know The 5 Main Steps To Apply For A Study Visa In Canada

Know The 5 Main Steps To Apply For A Study Visa In Canada

Canada is one of the most opted countries by students who want to study abroad. Top-notch institutions, exceeding educational standards, quality resources, and a leisurely lifestyle are some of the top reasons foreigners choose education in Canada. But to achieve your dream of studying in Canada, you need to first go through the process of applying for a study visa for Canada. Read below to know the five main steps in this process.

STEP 1: Learn in detail about the procedure-

Applying for a study visa or study permit in Canada is indeed a smooth process. But it is only a piece of cake if you first spend some time learning about everything before proceeding further. Getting a Canadian permit or visa has a systematic procedure, and every step in that procedure has to be taken with care. If you rush into things, you may not meet all the requirements and thereby not get approved.

Hence, carefully remember points from this post below about the procedure. Know more about whichever section that you are not clear of. Visit the official website of Canada related to visas and permits. On the website, read in detail about the whole process for Canada Study Visa and also about how life is going to be in Canada.

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Also, it is good to take some expert advice. Hence, talk to the best Canadian immigration consultants in Kochi (if you are from Kerala), or any of your respective states. They will be in a better position to guide you about what to do and what not to do while applying for a Canadian study visa.

If you already know someone who went to Canada on a study visa, then talk with them too.

STEP 2: Get the Letter of Acceptance-

A study visa would mean that you want to go to Canada to study in a school or college. And you can apply for the permit only after you get a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institute (DLI). Without this letter of acceptance, it is not possible to go to the main step, i.e., filling the official application form of study visa for Canada.

A list of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) can be viewed on the official Canadian website mentioned above. This list consists of all the schools and colleges post-secondary level education certified to accept international students. Hence, you can select any institution of your choice from that list and apply to it. It is advisable to apply to multiple institutions to ensure that you might surely be accepted by one or the other institute.

If you meet the academic scores and academic requirements necessary for a particular institute, then that institution might give you the acceptance letter. The letter of acceptance is a document consisting of details about the student, full details about the DLI that the student got accepted in, the term of the course that the student is joining in, etc. Once you get the letter of acceptance, you are almost halfway through the application process.

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STEP 3: Preparing all the necessary documents-

There are many documents that you have to submit after filling the application form. It is very much time-saving if you make a note of all these documents and keep them ready to upload. The documents required are:

  • The Letter of Acceptance.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Financial Proof (bank statement) guarantees that you are capable of paying for your living expenses in Canada and also for your college fees.
  • A letter of explanation where you have to write in detail about why you should be given the study visa.
  • Details of your passport.
  • Your IELTSor TOEFL score if you belong to a country where English is not your official language.

Note that you might need additional documents if the institution from where you got the letter of acceptance is in the Quebec province.

STEP 4: Fill the Application-

You can apply for a study visa from this link which is the official website for Canadian immigration and visa. Fill in all the details correctly and upload the related documents asked for. There is an application fee that you have to pay. Pay the amount, and do not forget to save the receipt document.

If you are new to filing applications and are encountering many doubts, then you can consult the best Canadian immigration consultants in Kochi.

Note that you can also fill the application by hand and send it through the post. But it is not commonly preferred as it takes a longer time. This option should be made use of only if you are living in a place with no internet access.

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STEP 5: Post Submitting the Application-

Depending on your details and the content of your application, you might have to submit your biometrics and answer questions related to traveling to Canada. Sometimes you might also have to attend an interview. And after that, once your application is submitted, if the Canadian government accepts everything well, you will get confirmation about your study visa for Canada.

If you did not submit any documents or if any of your documents are found out to be fake, then your application will be rejected. You will surely get a mail informing about the same and details about why your application is rejected.

What to do Post Expiry of Your Canadian Study Visa Expiry?

Your Canadian study visa expires after 90 days post the finish date of your study in the DLI that you are accepted into. To stay longer, you need to

  • Apply for an extension of the study visa if you are extending your course or joining a different course in the same or different institution.
  • Apply for a work permit.

Either of the above 2 has to be done within the period of your current visa. Else you need to definitely leave the country on time.


Statistics show that hundreds of students are applying for study visas in Canada and are laying the path for a bright future every year. With the right consultancy, you too could easily be the next one in those statistics. If you want to know about work permit for spouse in canada.

Derrick Jones