How Can You Tell If A Consultant In Immigration Is Genuine Or Not?

How Can You Tell If A Consultant In Immigration Is Genuine Or Not?

Nowadays, there are numerous rcic immigration consultant immigration frauds that deceive potential candidates and cost them time and money. These con artists have become more daring and imaginative in their strategies, even imitating well-known consultants’ websites and social media accounts. It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine from phony immigration consultants. Be wary of these con artists before migrating to any country! From Saudi Arabia’s MilkyWay Immigration Consultants, the following are some pointers on how to determine whether or not an immigration consultant is genuine. Numerous private or commercial websites provide citizenship or immigration services. You’ll have to pay for legitimate representatives’ services from some. In order to extort your money or steal your personal information, some people will make up guarantees.

ICCRC or MARA registration

Checking whether a Canadian immigration consultant has registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is one of the most effective methods for determining whether or not they are legitimate. The consultant should be registered and certified by MARA for Australian immigration. You can determine whether an immigration professional page exists for the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) by entering their name, registration number, or company name into the ICCRC or MARA websites.

There Are No Real Company Emails.

Instead of, check to see if your immigration consultant is sending you emails from a common email address like or Then you need to be skeptical about the company’s legitimacy.

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Payment Requests Via A Chat App

An official email address is the only way a reputable legitimate agency will request payment, never a chat app like WhatsApp. A legitimate business will also send you an acknowledgment and proof of payment.

Fake website

Most likely, a fake website would be used by not-so-true iccrc registered consultants immigration. The actual business name will not be the same as the website’s domain name. The absence of a padlock icon in the URL bar indicates that the domain is not secure.

The website will not contain the representative’s or company’s contact information or credentials information. Additionally, the website would not be updated frequently. The website might also at times be a duplicate of another website. Therefore, before getting in touch with the immigration consulting firm, examine the website more closely.

Deals Too Good To Be True

Be wary if the consultant is promising you false deals like faster processing and guaranteed entry into a country. Whether or not a foreign national is permitted entry into any nation is the sole responsibility of immigration authorities. Therefore, you should exercise caution before accepting these deceptive promises.

To Avoid Scams On Websites:

  • Do a search on the Internet to see if anyone has complained about the site.\
  • Before doing anything, get in touch with the owner of the website via email or phone.
  • Check that your browser is current.
  • Fake websites can be identified by using browser filters.
  • Be wary of websites that are advertised in emails sent by people you didn’t ask for.
  • Don’t give out any personal information until you know for sure that the website is safe and who you’re dealing with.
  • Before you do anything, read the terms and conditions, notices, and disclaimers.
  • Before you accept or sign anything, be aware of what you will receive for your money if you decide to pay for a service.
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Why use a Trustworthy Immigration Agency?

Navigating the immigration system in Canada can be overwhelming, especially when you have to worry about whether the Canadian immigration agency you are dealing with is legitimate or not. Pelican Migration Consultants frequently advises clients to verify our legitimacy with the Canadian government and ensures that they are completely satisfied with our services.

It’s normal to feel nervous about starting the process because there are a lot of tedious forms and documents to fill out for your Canadian visa application and strict deadlines to meet.


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