Few Best Streaming Platform Bloggers You Need to Follow

Few Best Streaming Platform Bloggers You Need to Follow

The streaming platform always broadcast in real-time and upload your video content there, you can use this kind of streaming platform for blogging videos, gaming content, online webinars, online conference, and also Q & A topics related, etc.


This application provides you with all kinds of tools that you needed and monetizes your effort in the content business. Which is built a reliable income for you.

and also offers live streaming with live chat, a countdown timer setting in your video content, an automatic recording system that helps the audience who miss your live streaming, pay-per-view payroll also include for your monetized live stream, live broadcast your streaming in any kind of applications, and it also notifies your audience for live streaming through Gmail notice or in the app. 

9anime app 

9anime app is an Android APK.It is a proper and legally streaming app for your live content through websites, It is a safe website for using anime videos and this is a top-ranked safe website for visitors. It provides communication importance and delivers one of the highest quality materials for the users. It is one of the most networking sites that offer you a lot of variety like animation-related materials.


It accesses live and on-demand video solutions for your organization around the world. Here you can create VOD content and live content through their video hub. You can create all kinds of your program on their platform. It provides you full SaaS platform where you don’t need to install anything and instant live recording for VOD access to The world.

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Daily motion

It is one popular application all over the world. It’s similar to youtube where you can create your video and broadcast your live content. It facilitates you to find any kind of content everywhere in the world. however, it is a primary video-sharing platform. it provides you with a free video player for live streams, delivering your content to all accessing devices, it matches customized players with your brand and makes your content for people’s recommendation list.


 It is one of the finest platforms for blogging. Zoom is mainly used for business purposes and also for conference video meetings. it plays a very useful role in the pandemic situation. the founder of zoom wants to make it grow to over 191000 businessmen as on February 2022. Zoom provides you with full coverage of HD-quality video with up to 1000-1200 people at a time, it can host a live chat option during your live content and invites people to share the hosting with you for attendance.


You can easily make money from these five apps with your video or live content. Working with these apps you can create OTT videos with flexibility. Nowadays, people are so much fond of entertainment that it’s not a difficult deal to find weeks in a year to entertain them.

These kinds of streaming platform help you to manage and distribute your content and upload it to 15 different platforms unless you like doing that. If you want to work efficiently with these platforms always distribute across all from one dashboard.

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