Exercises to improve back pain

Exercises to improve back pain

Back pain is very common among the population. People who play sports suffer from using their muscles too much or using a lot of weight. And sedentary people suffer from it for not exercising enough. Let’s see a few exercises that we can do to keep our back in shape and prevent those annoying pains. You can also learn if you want to play music on trademill.

1. Walking

The first is also the most generic and the most useful both to prevent and to help back pain go away . By walking, we are engaging and mobilizing the entire back complex in a very gentle way. That is to say, we are helping the blood to flow, the muscles to work, the vertebrae and other bone structures to remain in the correct position.

If you are an athlete, unless you have been prescribed complete rest, walking is a great way to help your back recover . And if you are more sedentary, giving your back a few hours of rest from the bad postures of the chair or the sofa is a great help .

To work the muscles a little more while we walk, we can take the following into account. Walk slightly exaggerating arm movements, keep your abdominal area contracted and try to keep your spine straight . In this way, the paravertebral muscles exert more force to prevent the body from rotating.

2. Knee to chest

Moving on to more specific exercises, for this we start lying in a supine position (face up). What we are going to do is bend the leg and bring one knee closer to our chest. We take the leg above the knee and, helping ourselves a little with the arms, we bring it towards us. We hold for 10 seconds and repeat the process with the other leg.

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It is a way of alleviating the burden on the back on a day-to-day basis. We can also start the exercise by bringing both knees closer to the chest, make a gentle rocking to both sides and then lower one to resume the exercise described above.

If we want to add a touch more of difficulty and elasticity, we can support the opposite foot on the knee that we bring closer to the chest. In this way we will also stretch the deep muscles of the contralateral leg while we relax the back.

3. Superman

For this exercise we will start in quadrupedia (on all fours). The objective, as when walking, is to work the entire back in a gentle way . To do this, what we will do is stretch one arm in front and the contralateral leg at the same time .

We must do it slowly and controlled, keeping the abdomen contracted and the back straight throughout the movement . Once we have the arm and leg fully stretched, we hold the position for 10 seconds and return to the neutral position. This turn must also be done in a controlled and slow manner, and without forgetting to keep your back straight. Next, we repeat the process with the opposite limbs. If we have started with the left arm and right leg, now the right arm and the left leg.

4. Trunk lift

For this exercise we will start in a prone position (face down). The objective is to stretch the spine , that is, to bring the area to extension . This is helpful because practically all the gestures we make on a daily basis tend to flex it. Especially if we spend a lot of time sitting down.

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From the prone position, we support both forearms on the ground and we will raise the trunk , up to the pelvis. When making the movement, we will try to keep our gaze straight, that is, we must not throw our head back. Again, we hold the position for a few seconds and lower the trunk.

Doing the exercise like this serves to stretch the spine. If we want to add a touch more work, we can raise the trunk without the help of the hands, with the arms parallel to the body. And if we want to make it more difficult, with the shoulders and elbows at 90 degrees. And if we still want more, resting the hands on the head.

5. Stretch

To finish, we go with a stretch for back pain typical of yoga . We start sitting on our heels with knees bent. Next, we will drop our trunk in a controlled manner forward, with our arms stretched out . The goal is to try to get as far as possible with your hands. In this case we help to decompress the vertebrae.

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