Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Scuba Diving in Dubai

Everything You Need to Know Before Going to Scuba Diving in Dubai

Dubai provides a lot of adventurous activities to experience to the tourists. Among the most amazing, interesting and adventurous activities Dubai scuba diving is a very popular and attractive activity liked by the tourists. If you are a beginner and want to experience and enjoy the scuba diving activity, scuba diving in Dubai is a perfect choice to make your experience memorable for your whole life. Deep dive Dubai offers a lot of options for experienced and inexperienced people who are looking to start scuba diving to become expert scuba divers. 

For the first time Dubai deep dive pools were opened in July 2022 for the scuba divers and it has advanced diving technologies and provides a quirky and wonderful experience in the form of its Sunken City. Sunken city is an underwater escape created for those exploring to go diving into the deepest swimming pool in the world. 

Dubai deep dive tickets:

For your convenience it is best to book your tickets online for scuba diving in Dubai. It will be very beneficial to save your time and can book your slot according to the time and date available to you. Slots are mostly booked everyday so you should book your tickets beforehand otherwise you will face difficulties to find the slot immediately at present day. You can book your tickets for Dubai scuba diving according to your need and requirements depending upon the types of scuba experience you had like. You can search about the different types of deep dive in Dubai along with the prices on the internet and can book your tickets easily at very affordable prices. 

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Essential information about Deep Dive in Dubai:

  • If you are a beginner and want to get an amazing experience of scuba diving you should visit the biggest indoor pool of scuba diving in the world located in Dubai, the golden city of United Arab Emirates. 
  • This scuba diving is designed for all types of divers. Either they are beginners or expert divers, everyone can experience this activity according to their diving skills. 
  • A friendly instructor is always available who guides the beginners about scuba diving up to 12 meters underwater. 
  • For thrill seekers dubai deep diving has a 60 meter deep pool which is the biggest pool in the world.  
  • Diving pools contain million letters of fresh water. 
  • If you are a non diver and do not want to experience deep diving in Dubai you can see the scuba divers from the window and can entertain yourself. 
  • You can also experience many other activities over there if you are a non diver. For example you can ride a bicycle, drive a car or can play chess under water.  

Best time to visit Dubai scuba diving:

If you want to fully enjoy your trip and want to avoid crowds you should book your tickets on weekdays because most of the people are busy on working days and they can visit on weekends only. You can visit and enjoy your scuba diving activity at any time of the day because the temperature is always maintained at a comfortable 30 degrees. Most of the tourists prefer to visit Dubai in the months between September to March because in these months the weather in Dubai is mild and you can experience all the activities including scuba diving in a more amazing and entertaining way.  

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Things you need to know before you go:

  • Scuba diving in Dubai is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10;00 am to 08:00 pm so it is closed from Sunday to Tuesday due to some reasons. 
  • You should first read all the instructions about deep diving in Dubai to avoid all types of difficulties. 
  • You must bring all the essential documents, especially your scuba diving entry tickets, your CNIC and your passport if you are not a Dubai citizen. 
  • If you are a regular swimmer you should carry swimwear, flip flops and a bath towel. 
  • If you want to visit along with your family you are not allowed to bring your childrens under 10 to enter the water pools. However children under 10 can experience some other water activities according to their age. 
  • If you are above 10 years but below 18 years you must come along with your elders. 

Deep dive in Dubai- what’s the hype:

Dubai deep dive is among the famous Dubai Excursions and offers an exhilarating experience for all the divers. Company provides an affordable package along with complete guidelines and necessary equipment needed during Scuba Diving in Dubai.   

Trainers are always available who make your experience more safe and enjoyable. Scuba diving in Dubai also provides many other activities to experience such as fish feeding, dolphin watching and snorkeling. 

It has the safest and the world’s deepest pool of 60 meters providing an amazing and adventurous experience for scuba diving lovers. Cameras are fitted in different places to record your whole activity. It is very helpful to save your memories for your whole life. Highly developed sound systems are available  at deep dive to create underwater sound scaps and it is also used to communicate with the divers under deep water.   

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