Car Dash Cams Help Preserve Memories And Secure Your Journey

Car Dash Cams Help Preserve Memories And Secure Your Journey

Car dash cameras are becoming more popular not only for Indian drivers but for all vehicle users worldwide. Their impeccable ability to record everything in and outside the vehicle makes them a must-have, especially if you are going on a journey. 

Car dash cams are also the best way to record any accounts on the road, be it accidents or any other event. The dash cam will provide the footage as proof or evidence to show the driver is at fault. Vehicle owners can also use the footage to get their insurance claims.

With all these benefits offered by dash cams and vehicle owners choosing to be safe than sorry, here are some best picks in India for your vehicle:

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 (Dash Cam With Motion Detection And Night Vision)

This car dash cam in India has the right customisable mode to help protect your car, ensuring your safety. The motion detection feature has a sensor that lets the camera record even when the car is in parking mode. The built-in Wi-Fi enables live streaming, and the GPS tracking lets car owners know where their car is. The time-lapse video recording is stored on the cloud, making it accessible whenever needed. It can also switch to automatic privacy mode should you feel like not recording some incidents of your journey or family time.

Kent CamEye CarCam 2  (Dash Cam with 1080p FHD And Night Vision)

The 1080p FHD provides high-resolution video for road trips. With the capability to record in and outside the car, the car dash cam for Indian users has a 140 degrees wide angle with 16GB memory that is expandable to 512GB. The sim 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections make it easy to access video footage from any device, with the user app compatible with most devices. The embedded SOS functionality lets occupants of the car press the SOS button in case of an emergency. There are up to 3 SOS contacts, and you will receive an SMS and IVR call with the information about the vehicle’s whereabouts.

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Kent CamEye CarCam 2 (Video Monitoring Alert and Prevents Misuse Of Vehicle By Driver)

If you are looking for a commercial fleet dash cam, this is the best option. It makes drivers adhere to safe ways of driving and lowers risks. You will get real-time alerts, be it speeding or engine idling. With a video monitoring alert, you still have full control over your fleet of commercial vehicles while the drivers are en route. You can also tell if a stranger is driving the vehicle or if there is any device tampering.

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 (AI Smart Alerts, Live Streaming, And Parking Mode Recording)

The AI smart alerts lets you know if something is wrong with the car, an idle engine or an unknown driver. It lets you know when someone tampers with any device alerts or attempts to reboot or removes the alert. Video recording in parking mode captures the inside and outside of the car in the high-quality continuous video. 

You can easily disable this mode through the app setting on any device. Live streaming gives you real-time video of what is happening inside and outside the vehicle. You can also select multiple users to share the live stream with, and you have control of what you want to share. You can get more clarity with a 4X Digital Zoom.

Kent CamEye CarCam 2 (Time-lapse Video Recording on Cloud and Real-Time GPS Tracking)

CarCam 2 by Kent Cam works best for school buses, logistic companies, employee transport, or car fleets. A commercial fleet dash cam, exciting features such as time-lapse video recording on the cloud makes the videos tamper-free for up to 90 days. You can access and play the video anywhere through the app or on any device. 

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GPS tracking makes it easy to know where you and your family are headed or get to know the location or the route the delivery vehicle is taking. You can also view past trips and get insights into the distance covered or all the alerts generated.

A car dash cam is essential for any vehicle for commercial, family, or personal use. Accident rates in India are high. A dash cam is the first step to help curb this problem. It gives a watchful eye on all roads happening. Hired or company drivers are now easy to monitor to ensure they follow the rules. Insurance claims are now easy to expedite by simply submitting a surveillance video of the incident in question to show who is at fault.

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