Brown Dunk – How to Find The Authentic Shoes

Brown Dunk – How to Find The Authentic Shoes

Nike shoes are among the most well-known products in the world, making them a popular target for counterfeiters. If you don’t exercise caution when purchasing, you might get a fake pair of brown dunk sneakers. Fortunately, there are a few warning signs you can watch out for to avoid being conned.

Finding Fake Nike Dunk Low Shoes

The easiest way to identify and copy of sneakers is to scrutinize the interior tongue label. Look for any imperfections in the font weight, shape, or placement of the letters.

Nike Dunk Interior Tongue Label Authenticity

First off, it’s obvious from the “SWOOSH” text in the label’s upper right corner that the counterfeit Nike Dunks are too thick and boxy in comparison to the real shoes.

The “QUALITY” text then exhibits the same flaw. The “QUALITY” text on the label of the counterfeit sneakers is also positioned unevenly.

Next, make sure the registered trademark symbol is present. You can easily see how the “®” character on the counterfeit Nike Dunk shoes is wider and thicker than on the real footwear.

Looking at the “FABRIQUE AU VIETNAM” text on the bottom side of the sneakers, you can see that the text on the fake Dunks is stretched out and appears to be too large.

The “VOTRE” text on the knockoff sneakers is too thick compared to the text on the retail shoes.

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Last but not least, the sixth-hand emoji pointer demonstrates the wavy positioning of the “SWOOSH” text on the fake Nike Dunk’s middle tag.

The interior tongue label for genuine Nike Dunk sneakers is designed to have perfectly aligned text with consistent letter weight.

Real Vs Fake Nike Dunk Rear Details

The real vs fake brown Nike dunks shoes for the rear details will be compared in the second step of this guide on identifying real Nike Dunk sneakers.

Each letter is distinct, and the text on genuine Nike Dunk Low sneakers will never be connected. The middle cross-stitching on the fake shoes is too small and thick compared to the stitching on the genuine Dunks.

The hand-emoji in the original vs copy Nike Dunk shoes is how the counterfeit shoes omit the midsole stitching. On the other hand, the stitching on the midsole of genuine sneakers will always look the same.

Check the Dunks’ Size Tag

Moving on, we will examine the real vs fake sneakers on the size tag in this guide on how to find fake Dunk Low shoes.

First, the fake Dunks’ “CU1726-100” text at the size tag looks too thick and boxy. The “MADE IN VIETNAM” text on the size tag’s middle side is too thick on the fake sneakers, while it is thinner on the real shoes.

The best ways to authenticate this item are described in the steps we’ve written. The subsequent steps are still trustworthy indicators of authenticity, but only for less expensive replicas of this item. 

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Check Your Shoes’ Toe Boxes For Perforations

The toe box perforations are the next to be discussed. Perforations are the tiny holes in the frontal area of genuine versus counterfeit Nike Dunk sneakers.

The toe box perforations on the replica Nike dunk low brown shoes appear smaller and deeper than those on the genuine shoes, as shown in the fake vs real Nike Dunk. The toe box perforations on most imitation Nike Dunk shoes are also out of alignment, which is obvious to the naked eye.


With the help of this post, now you know how to find the original Nike dunk low brown. If you want to buy this pair of shoes, follow these steps to find the real one.

Derrick Jones