Benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning systems

Benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning systems

Canberra- the capital city of Australia and its largest inland city, is known for its warm and temperate climate. Even in the driest months, it receives a lot of rainfall. The average annual temperature of Canberra is 12.8 °C, and about 589 mm of precipitation falls annually. This is why the popularity of air cooling and air heating systems has increased manifolds in the past decade. Australians have increasingly been using reverse cycle conditioning systems with ducted electric heating in Canberra and other cities of the country.

Now you must be wondering what a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning and heating system is? If so, here’s the answer. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is a system that provides both heating and cooling solutions to keep you warm in chilly months and cool in the warmer months. It comprises two units- one which is installed inside the home in the roof and the other is a compressor which is placed outside. The central indoor unit is connected to a series of outlets installed in other parts of the facility via ducts and helps evenly disperse warm/cold air throughout your establishment. These are ideal heating and cooling solutions for medium to large homes, offices, or commercial places.

Why do people prefer the ducted reverse cycle?

Zoning system

Ducted reverse cycle systems come with a zoning feature that helps you divide your house into different air conditioning zones and vary the airflow throughout your home. With this, you can set a suitable temperature for a room as per the requirement of people using it. For example- you can turn on the air conditioning for your bedroom when sleeping at night rather than the whole house.

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Cost-effective and efficient system

Getting a reverse cycle air conditioning system installed is the most energy as well cost-efficient method to keep your facility warm in winters and cool in summers. Moreover, they are efficient in energy, which helps you save money on your electricity bills. Though the initial installation cost is high, you need to pay only once for the unit that works efficiently throughout the year.


Today most modern reverse cycle air conditioning systems feature advanced inverter technology and thermostat that allow these systems to adapt to the temperature and condition of the room. The inverter technology is undoubtedly the most efficient way to cool your home using electricity.

Aesthetically pleasing and no noise

These ducted air conditioning systems are wisely concealed behind walls or ceilings. Over that, these systems are less noisy, thanks to the advanced technology that have reduced operating costs across their units. It makes no impact on the aesthetics of your dwelling or commercial property.

Reliable and safe

Ducted cycle air conditioners are safe and reliable solutions for all types of homes and offices. There is no risk of gas leakage or explosions because ducted electric heating in Canberra does not operate by combustion technology. Hence, getting these systems installed is going to be a lucrative investment in your facility.

Remember, if you want your system to work efficiently and have a good lifespan, make sure you get it serviced frequently. Like your car, air conditioning servicing is essential to keep your system in peak condition. People often argue about how often air conditioners need servicing. In most cases, experts recommend that your system needs to be serviced every 12 months if you have a cooling system. But it is also a heating system, so it would be better to have service scheduled for twice a year- once in the spring and another in the autumn.

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