Beginners Guide for Paying Property Tax in Delhi

Beginners Guide for Paying Property Tax in Delhi

Individuals in Delhi are liable to pay property tax annually to enjoy legal ownership of the property and civic amenities. The Delhi Municipal Corporation sets the deadline for individuals to pay property tax in Delhi. Failure to pay within the deadline attracts a significant penalty. Hence, individuals must pay property tax online or offline within the deadline to remain tax compliant.

How to pay property tax in Delhi?

Take a look at the following step-wise guide to pay property tax in Delhi with online procedure

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Select your area’s municipal corporation –

  • North Delhi Municipal Corporation
  • South Delhi Municipal Corporation
  • East Delhi Municipal Corporation

Read and accept the terms and conditions and select ‘click here to file property tax’ to proceed.

Step 2: Enter the property ID. The MCD assigned this unique identification number to each property in Delhi.

Individuals can find the property ID in their previously issued property tax receipt. They can also provide their names, colony names, property type on the official website of the respective jurisdiction to find out the property ID.

Step 3: Finally, individuals can use credit, debit cards or net banking to complete the online payment.

Pay property tax in Delhi through a mobile application

South Delhi Municipal Corporation or SDMC introduced a mobile application through which property owners of SDMC can pay SDMC property tax online. Besides it, residents of North Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation can also pay the property tax through this online application.

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Follow the simple steps for NDMC, EDMC and SDMC property tax payment online via MCD mobile application –

Step 1: Visit the official portal of MCD to download the application. Select ‘online services’ and then ‘Mobile App’.

Step 2: Log in with the registered mobile number and validate your identity using OTP.

Step 3: Select ‘PayTax’ for the desired Unique Property Identification Code, choose the financial year and submit.

Step 4: Complete payment using net banking, credit or debit cards. Once the payment is completed, download and save the property tax receipt.

Thus, follow the steps mentioned above to pay property tax in Delhi without any hassle. Check the property tax rates of each type of property located in the respective jurisdiction. Besides, keep an eye on the deadlines set by MCD to pay property tax in time and avoid paying penalties or facing legal complexities in future.

Pay property tax in Delhi online without property ID

If individuals are paying property tax for the first time, opt for the ‘first time online taxpayer’ option available on the respective jurisdiction website.

Follow the next steps mentioned below to pay property tax without a property ID-

Step 1: Once an individual selects the ‘first time online taxpayer’ option, choose ‘click here if property ID has not been allotted earlier’.

Step 3: It redirects to a page where individuals need to enter the property ownership details, such as colony name, address etc. Select ‘I have read and I accept the declaration made above’ and submit to proceed.

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Step 4:  Property owners will receive the property ID on their registered mobile number. Submit the property ID and other relevant details and complete payment using debit, credit or net banking.

Step 5: Select ‘generate challan’ to view and download the property tax receipt and keep this as a future reference for paying property tax. As mentioned earlier, property tax payment validates property ownership. An individual can leverage this immovable asset to get a substantial fund under loan against property without facing legal complications.

Individuals can manage their big-ticket finances or get out of a debt trap using a loan against property. To obtain a sizable fund at an attractive interest rate, prospective borrowers can opt for leading financial institutions. Further, existing customers of this financial institution can also avail pre-approved offers on secured and unsecured financial products. These pre-approved offers streamline the loan application process and save time. Willing borrowers can submit their names and contact numbers to check their pre-approved offers.

Additionally, check the eligibility criteria, charges on your loan against the property before approaching the lender.