5 Variables Of Study Membership Sites And Others

5 Variables Of Study Membership Sites And Others

Study membership websites may succeed in a wide range of ways. And you’ve probably seen that there are several study membership site models.

The issue is that they all overlap in a jumble of hazy borders, leaving you to question which one would be best for you.

The membership organisation models and the variables are two key areas of distinction that you should be aware of in order to be of assistance.

Let’s begin…

The Three Core Membership Business Models

1. The Fix Model

Fix model study membership sites are singularly focused on solving a certain issue. The solution to the issue could be as particular as knowing how to write a book or cultivate a thriving succulent. A longer-term issue, like how to expand a firm, can also be resolved with the help of three, six, or twelve-month programmes.

2. The Motivate Model

Having an external source of motivation is frequently the difference that makes the difference when people are presented with a goal that they’re likely to struggle with alone, such as weight reduction, fitness objectives, or a new diet.

This membership concept is ideal for challenges with motivating communities where participants may discuss their problems.

3. The Hangout Model

This kind of membership site sometimes referred to as the community model, provides users with a place to connect and join. Members frequently get together for a shared interest or purpose, such as gardening, cooking, or freelancing.

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On the surface, they’ll seem to join because they want to solve an issue, but at their core, they are more enthusiasts, and their want to be among others who speak their secret language is motivated by their love of their “thing.”

The Five Core Study Membership Site Variables

1. Fixed Fee or Monthly Fees

A set cost works nicely if you select the Fixed model. A $27 online course may cost up to $3,000 for a whole programme. It all depends on how much value you provide. The hangout model is ideal for a monthly charge recurring payment structure since users will pay to remain as long as you keep releasing fresh, high-quality material on a regular basis.

2. Content Type

There is a vast array of content options available to you.

You can use worksheets, workbooks, pictures and mock-up illustrations, photography, quizzes, charts, graphs, interactive spreadsheets, Facebook live videos, podcasts, webinars, and more depending on your model. You can also utilise video (live or you talking to slides), audio, and more.

You may access it as long as it’s online and available through a secured platform or forum.

You can see that membership site material can even be mind maps.

3. Drip or Immersion Access

Your decision will determine whether or not all of your members’ material is accessible instantly. To secure your material, you may decide whether to drip feed users’ access to it daily, weekly, or monthly.

If you want to develop anticipation and suspense or if you provide a free study membership trial, drip-fed content is ideal.

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Alternatively, you may immediately give members access to everything and throw them into the fire, allowing them to work at their own pace.

4. Lifetime or Fixed-Term

There are no unbending laws in this situation. Paying users who have lifetime access get continuous, “forever” access to the course or content they have purchased. This is effective for lengthy, in-depth courses that are bigger and more complex.

Fixed-term access is ideal for fostering a feeling of urgency that will motivate new participants to finish the programme. It also makes it possible to provide a continuation programme for individuals who still need to finish within the set time frame but still wish to have access.

5. Tiered or Single-Level

A programme structure that has only one degree of access is fixed. A specialised, one-level or set structure is best suited for any applications you may have that handle a particular problem specifically.

Alternatively, you may run a programme that benefits most from three levels. You can use one-on-one access to you at your top level while providing internet access as a basic level service.

Study Membership websites may clearly be successful in a wide variety of ways. Additionally, they’re a fantastic way to make the most of your time and leverage your money to achieve the freedom and transformation in your life that you’re longing for, similar to SolutionInn.

But isn’t that really the problem here? Could the awkward ruse of “would it work for me” be hiding a sly worry of not being able to do the task?

You would not be human if it weren’t.

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Whatever the case, the moment has come to act and make a choice. Because you can always change your life with only one choice. One of those choices may be this one.


Derrick Jones