4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Mobile Shelving Systems

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving is a highly flexible form of storage appropriate for businesses that want to optimize their space and reduce fixed aisles. Using mobile shelving increases a warehouse’s storage space, allowing more storage capacity without increasing the existing premise. 

The industrial mobile shelving system has rows that move along the floor rails. It is flexible and ensures you use the existing space maximumly without sacrificing accessibility. Businesses aiming to store many products in a limited place and easily access them will find this helpful. With the many benefits the shelving system offers, there are some disadvantages if not used properly.

Some of the mistakes that you should avoid are: 

1. Not Planning for The Storage Space

The main reason businesses acquire mobile shelving is to optimize the space in the warehouse. When installing mobile shelving, you must consider the available space to correctly estimate the dimensions and number of shelves you need to acquire. 

A business using a forklift may need a different shelving system from another using a pallet jack. The one using a forklift may need to properly plan for easier maneuverability of the forklift, including the turning radius, which may not be necessary for the one using a pallet rack.

After proper space consideration, you can choose the best mobile racking that suits your space. You will increase the effectiveness and ease movement in your warehouse.

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2. Getting the Wrong Model for Your Use

Purchasing a mobile shelving system is a good decision for any business handling products. However, the system’s effectiveness may depend on the model you choose for your application. 

When selecting the type of mobile storage unit, consider the product you will use it for and where you will place the shelf. Also, keep in mind other ways you may want to use it for the scalability of your business.

If you want an excellent mobile solution, avoid one that does not have a combat design to hold your product. You need a more comprehensive structure for application in areas such as Apparel, Retail, and Engineering.

3. Not Defining the Storage and Retrieval Process

The storage and arrangement of goods and the ease with which you can retrieve them define the efficacy of a warehouse. Easy warehouse management is possible when you monitor the logistics of products. Proper planning will depend on the inventory management that you choose.

A proper retrieval system helps you reduce the operational costs of the warehouse. A suitable industrial mobile shelving determines how effective the storage solution will be and how easy it will be to retrieve goods.

4. Overloading

Every storage shelving comes with a different weight limit. Before purchasing a mobile storage unit, consider the weight of the products. Also, the need for more trained personnel to handle the loading procedure is a mistake you should avoid. Having more goods on the shelf than what a shelf can carry will lead to a short life span, damage, or collapse of the mobile unit.

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For a better option, a storage unit such as Mobistack Neo will enhance your storage facility due to its robust and combat design. Such solutions increase the storage space by about 50% due to their high volumetric utilization. They are also stable enough to handle a wide range of your business needs.

Like any other equipment, the effectiveness of a shelving system depends on its usage. An appropriately used system that avoids the mistakes above will reduce the maintenance cost and enhance the safety and ease of retrieval of goods in storage. To ensure you get the best solution for your business need, ensure that you get it from a reliable manufacturer who will help you choose the best design to maximize your storage facility.

Derrick Jones